In 2019, STIGA will celebrate 75 years as a company, and as we look back on our past, especially four years stands out in the history of STIGA. 1944 which was the year STIGA was founded in Sweden, and the other three being 1967, 1976 and 1981. Those were the years when we introduced upon the world the now world-renowned blades Allround ClassicOffensive Classic and Clipper Wood. No other STIGA blades in history have made a bigger impact on the market or sold more copies then these three blades.

Since STIGA was founded in 1944, our own blade production has been the heart and soul of all the table tennis equipment we sell. Our philosophy has always been to find the perfect balance between quality, design and playing characteristics.

All throughout our history, we have always valued and respected the environment and rightfully considered wood a living and organic part of nature. This is shown among other by the fact that we only and always use Eco-Friendly Adhesives and always demands from our wood suppliers that they work closely with the Forest Stewardship Council in order to secure and promote responsible management of the world’s forests.

Before we in 2014 revolutionized the table tennis carbon blade market by releasing the Carbonado series which uses the top of the line, Swedish made and patented Spread Tow Carbon technology known as TeXtreme Carbon Technology, STIGA was only seen as experts when it comes to all wood blades.

We have now chosen to honor the STIGA heritage by combine the four features which STIGA is best known, Handmade quality from Sweden and innovative thinking with classic design, in all wood blades. The result is the three all wood blades making the foundation for the Nostalgic series. These blades are all spawned from the three STIGA Classics. The two 5-ply blades Allround Classic and Offensive Classic are used as a base for the Nostalgic Allround and Nostalgic Offensive. The 7-ply Clipper Wood and its features are the base for the Nostalgic VII.

For the Nostalgic series, we have chosen to build each blade using the same brilliant yet simple and timeless middle veneers and thicknesses used in the three STIGA classics. This creates a core feeling and balance quick to recognize and easy to handle.

The truly unique with these blades are the all-natural Wenge wood used as outer veneer and on the handles. This is the first time in our history, we work with Wenge material as outer veneer, but thanks to the combination of innovative machinery, human proficiency and years of development and testing, we feel comfortable including this material into the long list of high quality woods used in STIGA blades.

Thanks to the hard, yet elastic dimensionally stability of Wenge wood, the blades gets the boost in speed which its predecessors lacked. This creates three, for their each respectively category fast blades with recognizable feeling and balance. The handles also consist of solid Wenge wood, creating a firm and stabile feeling in your hand while hitting the ball.

For the lens we have decided for the first time in four decades to move away from the classic STIGA shaped lens. Instead, we present what we call the Nostalgic squircle. A mathematical shaped lens intermediated between a square and a circle, used for the first time in Table Tennis.

The Nostalgic series is handmade quality from Sweden and innovative thinking with classic design, just the way we want to cherish our legacy of building world champions since 1944.