The last decade there has been a decline in movement and excercise among the Swedish youth. Physical inactivity is considered one of the four biggest risks of mortality across the globe and obesity among children is increasing. We want to change that, and together with GEN-PEP we will make that happen.

Generation Pep

Generation Pep is an organisation that ensures that children and young people in Sweden are able to enjoy an active and healthy life. The initiator of the foundation is the Crown Princess couple and they work together with committed actors from the whole community – from local elders and politicians to non-profit organisations, public institutions, and the private sector.

Unplug and get active!

STIGA Sports launches its own initiative to alert young people to actively engage and lead a more healthy lifestyle. We call it ”Unplug & Get Active”. Our mission is to shift focus from mobile phones and computers to physical activities such as skiing, floorball, table hockey and table tennis.

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