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With us at STIGA you’ll find pickleball rackets / paddles of the highest quality with our own, unique Scandinavian design. We have paddles, or pickleball paddles as they are also called, for all types of players - if you have played pickleball for a while or if you are new to the sport. STIGA's pickleball paddles are all built with Nomex Honeycomb or polymer (PP) core and a surface of carbon fiber or fiberglass, where carbon fiber gives speed and stability and fiberglass gives control and power. So, choose the pickleball paddle that suits you and your playing style best.

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Pickleball paddles in a unique design

At STIGA, you’ll find pickleball paddles of the highest quality in our unique design. We have paddles for players at all levels, from those who are new to the sport to advanced players. Pickleball paddles can be made of a variety of materials. Our paddles have either a carbon fiber surface for speed and stability or a fiberglass surface for control and power. A racket’s core can also be made of different materials.

STIGA’s pickleball paddles have a Nomex Honeycomb or polymer (PP) core. STIGA has a long tradition in the world of racket sports and is constantly developing technologies, playing characteristics and the design of its products to offer table tennis bats, padel rackets and pickleball paddles of the highest quality.

We offer high quality pickleball paddles for players at all levels. Unique design & excellent playing characteristics. Buy your paddle at STIGA Sports today!

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