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For us, safety always comes first. At STIGA Sports, you’ll find a large range of helmets and equipment for children to protect them should an accident occur. Our timeless, sporty helmets and cycle helmets for kids are suitable for all types of activities, all year round. In addition, we offer our helmets in many colours, so children can easily match gear to their outfits. In addition to helmets, we also carry various sets with elbow and knee protection for children. These are very comfortable and offer extra protection when your child is using a scooter, stunt scooter, skateboard, sledge, snowracer, or inlines.

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Kids’ Helmets & Play Helmets

It’s essential to protect the head, no matter what activity your child is engaged in. Young children are playful and impulsive, With a kid’s or play helmet, you can stay one step ahead in case of an accident. Our helmets with green buckles are suitable for younger children up to 7 years of age. The green buckle is a safety feature that allows the chinstrap to release, should your child’s helmet become entangled or stuck during play. Children’s helmets are also suitable when younger children use a balance bike, kickbike or 3-wheeled scooter

MIPS® Helmets for children

At STIGA, we also make helmets equipped with MIPS to provide even more protection for your child. A MIPS helmet offers extra protection and is specifically designed to absorb angled impacts to the head. MIPS, which stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System, provides a low-friction layer between the skull and the helmet liner; this layer follows head movements and resists forces arising from rotational and side impacts. This reduces the risk of concussion and trauma, irrespective of the angle at which your child’s head is impacted. This means extra security when your child is learning to ride a bike or has just begun to ride a scooter.
These helmets also feature good ventilation, comfortable padding, and inner elastication to fit well on your child’s head and not get too warm. MIPS helmets are available in brights, such as pink, blue, and lime green, as well as more neutral shades such as black, and always in a modern, sporty design. Both safe and great-looking when your child rides a sledge, scooter, or bike!

Cycle Helmets and Skate Helmets for Kids

STIGA’s helmets are excellent for your child to use for both cycling and skating. Our skate helmets are all-round protection for a range of activities. They’re comfortable, with soft padding inside, and air holes to ensure your child’s head won’t get too warm. To adjust the helmet size, just twist the dial at the back. The stylish design will suit even the pickiest kids!
Add more safety with elbow and knee protection for kids. It’s more peace of mind for you and your child, whether your child is cycling, riding a scooter, skateboarding, or using inlines.

Elbow Protection and Knee Protection for Kids

What type of protection should you choose? Elbow and knee protection are simple ways to protect your child’s elbows and knees when your child is riding a bike, scooter, skateboard, or inlines. Street protection can prevent both tears and painful scrapes and cuts. 

Important note about wrist protection for kids

If your child frequently rides a scooter, skateboard, or inlines, we definitely recommend using wrist protection to reduce the risk of wrist injury. Even younger children who are working on their cycling technique on a balance bike can benefit from wrist protection.

Protection for inline and roller skating

Children who use inline or roller skates can often accelerate to fairly high speeds, but even low speeds can result in painful falls on hard asphalt. That’s why elbow, knee, and wrist protection are worthwhile – and can reduce the risk of tears and pain. We also recommend that your child wears this protection when using a traditional scooter or stunt scooter.

Protection for Skateboarders

Skateboarding kids often want to do tricks, jumps, and other manoeuvres, as they tempt fate. It’s part of the charm of riding a skateboard or inlines. With appropriate protection, these sports can be safer for both parents and children. In addition to the obligatory helmet, protection for elbows, knees, and wrists are simple ways to prevent pain and injury.

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