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There are many different rackets designed for women players, particularly for those looking for high performance. At STIGA Sports, we make high-quality, attractive padel rackets for both beginners and experienced players. One important aspect to remember when choosing a padel racket is to think about your needs. What’s your individual playing style? And what’s your budget? Basing your choice on these factors will give you a better starting point for finding the perfect women’s padel racket. Remember to test various models to find the racket that feels best for you. Perhaps a lightweight women’s racket is ideal? Remember that you can try STIGA’s women’s padel racket for 14 days – with a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied! STIGA also has a wide selection of comfortable padel clothing and shoes in classic Scandinavian design, so you can focus on the padel match while looking great on the court.

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Stylish padel rackets for women

The design and appearance of a women’s padel racket are important because they represent your personality on the court. But choosing a great-looking padel racket doesn’t mean you have to compromise on racket quality or performance. Nowadays, the racket designs on offer feature different patterns, colours, and styles, and this makes it easy for you to find a racket that’s attractive. STIGA is one of the most popular brands on the market, offering stylish padel rackets for women in various designs to suit your personal style without sacrificing the exceptional performance you expect of a racket on the court. We make attractive, lightweight padel rackets for women that are suitable for both beginners and professionals. Don’t forget to take a look at our stylish padel bags and padel covers in classic Scandinavian designs. 

Lightweight padel rackets for women

Looking for a lighter padel racket for women? A normal padel racket weighs approximately 360+ grams and a junior racket weighs approximately 320 grams. Based on your playing style and weight preference, an ideal choice is a racket somewhere in between. A light padel racket weighs about 340 grams. This is an excellent choice for women who want more speed and manageability in the game. Women who choose a lighter racket usually experience less fatigue and pressure on elbow and wrist joints. This can be particularly helpful during long or intensive padel matches. Nevertheless, consider not only the total weight of the padel racket; take its balance into account. A well-balanced racket should offer an excellent harmony of control and power to ensure that you can play your best game. STIGA Sports is well-known for its high-quality, lightweight rackets that are ideal for a variety of playing styles. Don’t forget to order STIGA’s high-quality padel balls to experience that WPT feeling in the game!

Padel rackets for women – beginners 

If you’re a woman who’s just started playing padel, we recommend a beginner racket designed for women. As a player, you should look for a racket that’s lightweight and that has a larger hitting surface, thus combining control with power. Another important aspect is to choose a women’s padel racket that’s forgiving for shots outside the sweet spot; this will give you more control over the ball. A larger hitting surface will make it easier for you to hit the ball, and the racket will also be more forgiving for less accurate shots. STIGA offers a range of rackets for women. These rackets are uniquely designed to help beginners develop skills and build confidence on the court. Want to get your family involved in padel? Take a look at our selection of padel rackets for children and juniors!

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