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Do you or your children like to ride stunt scooters? Are you ready to take your scooter skills to the next level? Then a stunt scooter is just the thing! A STIGA stunt scooter is specially designed for skatepark use. It’s a great combination: lightweight, yet robust to withstand heavier loading and wear. Therefore, it will stand up to more offensive riding techniques and stunts. STIGA offers stunt scooters in a wide array of styles and colours for children, teens, and adults. Get the whole family into action and challenge your friends! STIGA has the stunt scooters for hours of skatepark fun! Discover the satisfaction of all the skills and moves you can master with a classic STIGA stunt scooter. Don’t wait – give yourself or your child an exciting scooter experience today!

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Pro scooters for children

A STIGA pro scooter is ideal for children who want to experiment with new challenges as they test and develop their motor skills. With a pro scooter, children can feel safe and confident while also learning cool stunts. Our pro scooters are made from materials of only the highest quality, in stable designs to ensure these scooters can withstand wear and tear. They’re ideal for children seeking to test their own skills while having fun at the skatepark. A pro scooter from STIGA is uniquely designed for easy manoeuvring so children can more easily complete daring stunts. That’s why a pro scooter is the clear choice for kids who want to take scooter riding to the next level! Is your child not quite ready for the skatepark? Take a look at our 3-wheel scooters, or consider our balance bikes for the youngest member of the family.

Take your scooter stunts to new heights

With a stunt scooter from STIGA Sports, you can reach new heights with your scooter skills! You can master jumps, no-foots, tailwhips, and more. Whether you’re a novice or have experience, our stunt scooters are designed to provide a safe and stable platform for performing stunts. Our stunt scooters feature lightweight frames and durable wheels to ensure the height and speed you need to perform more complex and advanced stunts. STIGA also offers spares and accessories for tailoring your stunt scooter exclusively to your needs and preferences. PS. STIGA Sports has helmets and street protection so you can perform your stunts with safety and confidence!

Stunt scooters in a range of colours

At STIGA Sports, you’ll find stunt scooters in an array of colours to suit your personal tastes. Prefer a scooter in classic black? Or would you like something more eye-catching, like red, green, or neon? Whatever your taste, we’ve got the stunt scooter for you. Don’t forget that you can tailor your stunt scooter too! Choose from coloured wheels, handlebars, cool decals, and more to make your scooter your own. A personally designed stunt scooter can serve as a motivational factor for practising and improving your skills – you’ll be proud to show off your cool and utterly unique stunt scooter. So what are you waiting for? Explore our selection of stunt scooters in various colours and models, and discover the perfect scooter for you or your child today. Start training on your stunts and transform your scooter riding into a fun-filled adventure!

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