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It’s essential to find the right racket for your playing style. Making the right choice can greatly enhance your padel experience. STIGA Sports offers a wide range of models suitable for all kinds of players – whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, or you want a padel racket for women or a padel racket for children and juniors. When selecting your new padel racket, it’s important to consider your playing style, experience level, and personal preferences. For beginners, a racket should provide a solid foundation; more experienced players may want a more specialized racket adapted to an individual playing style. We recommend that you try different padel rackets to find the perfect model for your game and make the most of your time on the court. Ps. Don’t forget that STIGA offers a range of stylish padel racket bags and padel racket covers in great-looking Scandinavian designs.

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Padel rackets for beginners

If you’re a beginner, choose a racket that’s not too heavy. A padel racket usually weighs between 330 and 385 grams, and a lighter racket offers more control in each shot. It’s also a better choice if you’re susceptible to tennis elbow. We recommend a round padel racket for beginners because it gives players more control and a larger sweet spot that’s more forgiving, especially for less accurate shots. 

Buying a padel racket – tips

When looking to purchase a padel racket, consider your playing style and current skill level. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, male or female, child, or junior, there are great racket alternatives to suit your needs. For beginners, a lighter padel racket can be a smart choice. If you’ve already gained some experience and want to take the next step in your padel career, select a slightly heavier racket to achieve more power in your shots. Here at STIGA Sports, we offer many different models so you can find a racket you love. Why not try ateardrop-shaped padel racketnext time? Without a doubt, you’ll get more speed and can take your smashes to new heights! With the right padel racket in hand, you can take your game to the next level, whether it’s for exercise, competition, or just having fun with friends and family. When it’s time to buy a padel racket, get the best and most easy-to-play racket for you. Good luck on the court – and enjoy the game to the fullest with the right racket from STIGA!

Round or teardrop-shaped padel racket? 

Padel rackets come in a variety of shapes, including diamond and teardrop designs. A round padel racket is often ideal for many players because it allows them to focus on both control and precision. The hitting surface is located further down on the racket head for a comfortable feel in each shot. In addition, this racket shape is good for the more defensive player who wants more forgiving characteristics. Want to try a teardrop-shaped racket? This type is also called a hybrid racket because it combines the characteristics of both round and diamond-shaped rackets. Players who choose a teardrop racket usually prefer to switch between defensive and offensive play. Looking instead for a diamond-shaped racket? Then you’ll get more speed and power – but this racket may be more difficult to control. That’s why this shape is more suited to experienced players who prefer a more offensive playing style. At STIGA, we also make comfortable, stylish padel clothing and shoes, so you can focus on your game and speed while looking great on the court! 

Padel rackets for men

STIGA offers padel rackets for all skill levels and players, from beginners to experienced competitors. Male players usually have a wide range of playing styles and should choose a racket based on this aspect. As a player, you should consider racket weight, balance, and head shape in terms of your specific playing style. A slightly lighter racket is good for male players who suffer from tennis elbow or for those who want more control in each shot. If you’re an offensive player, on the other hand, you can go for a heavier racket because this will give you more power. If you want to focus on speed and power, try one of our diamond-shaped padel rackets. Men looking for an all-round racket that suits both defensive and offensive play can benefit from having a teardrop-shaped racket. Don’t forget to buy our padel balls so you’ll have everything you need to get on the court!

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