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Choosing the right tennis racket is a crucial step towards enhancing your playing experience. At STIGA Sports, we offer tennis rackets tailored to meet the needs and preferences of various players. Whether you're looking for a tennis racket for women, a tennis racket for men, or a tennis racket for kids, we have the perfect option for you. Explore our collection to find the ideal partner on the tennis court, one that not only matches your playing style but also fosters your development as a player. Here you will also find tennis clothing and tennis accessories.

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Which tennis racket should I choose? Your guide!

Does it seem like all tennis rackets look the same? Finding it difficult to choose? We understand. It’s a tennis-racket jungle out there, but a few factors are of prime importance and will make the selection process easier for you. We’ve created a short guide here that we hope will help you in your search for the right tennis racket. Read more about STIGA’s tennis rackets.  

Women’s, men’s, or junior? What’s your current skill level?

The most important factor in choosing a tennis racket is finding one to suit your skill level and playing style. How often do you play? How long have you played tennis? If you play for exercise, it’s easy to go for a racket that’s too advanced – you want a great racket, but for enthusiast players, pro rackets are difficult to play and can even kill your interest in the game. Enthusiasts benefit from a slightly heavier racket with a larger hitting surface. If you’re a more experienced player, however, you can go for a smaller hitting surface if it feels right for you. The STIGA Supreme is our top-of-the-line model, suitable for skilled players in competitive tennis.  

For juniors, we recommend a racket with a size, weight, and grip suited to the younger tennis player. Read more about the STIGA Supreme 26 JR, an easy-play racket for juniors. For women and juniors, it can also be beneficial to choose a lighter racket to promote the best possible conditions for succeeding on the court. One example of a lighter racket is the STIGA Supreme LW. 


What grip size do I need on my tennis racket? 

You should also consider the grip size when choosing a racket. To be able to hold the racket correctly, the grip size must be right for you. You shouldn’t have to hold the racket grip too tightly; this can limit your play and in the long run it can lead to injury. Grip sizes are available on a scale from 0 to 5. Generally, the 0 or 1 size is ideal for juniors, while 2 to 4 will suit adults (men and women), but these are general guidelines. The best approach is to try various grips to find the one best suited to your hand and playing style. STIGA’s full-length rackets are available in grip sizes 2 and 3, and the junior racket in grip size 0. 

How important is the tennis racket frame? 

The frame size determines the size of the hitting surface. The bigger the frame, the larger the hitting surface. As a beginner or enthusiast who plays once or twice a week, it can be smart to choose a racket with a larger frame because the racket will be more forgiving and will have a larger sweet spot that doesn’t require as much precision. The frame size is usually between 95 and 105 square inches.


Dense or open stringing? 

A good rule of thumb for stringing density for a tennis racket is this: the closer the strings are to each other, the more control you’ll have (at the expense of speed). Less dense stringing means that you can create more speed – but you’ll also need more precision in your shots. Common stringing patterns include 16 x 19 (less dense) and 18 x 20 (more dense). 

At STIGA, we offer rackets for women, men, and juniors, and with many different playing characteristics, so you can find the ideal racket for your skill level and playing style. Good luck with your racket selection! 

Buy tennis rackets for adults and kids at STIGA Sports

When you choose to buy a tennis racket from STIGA Sports, you can rest assured that you are getting a product crafted with meticulous attention to detail and expertise. Our adult tennis rackets are manufactured using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and a long lifespan. We have designed our tennis rackets with comfortable grips and strings that provide optimal control and power with every stroke, enhancing your game at every level. Our range includes different sizes, accommodating both adult tennis rackets and junior rackets. Dive into our assortment and find the racket that meets your requirements perfectly.

Tips for selecting the right tennis racket

Choosing a tennis racket involves considering several important factors. Firstly, the tennis racket size matters; it is crucial to select a racket that suits your body and playing style. If you are new to the tennis court, starting with a beginner's tennis racket that is easier to handle might be a wise choice.

Secondly, consider your playing style. Some players prefer a tennis racket offering more control, while others prioritize power. By experimenting, you can find a racket that complements your playing style perfectly. Also, do not overlook the tennis grip size, which can significantly influence your playing experience.

Quality tennis rackets for both beginners and professionals

Selecting the right tennis racket is more than a matter of style; it is the key to your evolution on the tennis court. In our collection, you will find tennis rackets suitable for both beginners and professional tennis players.

For newcomers to the world of tennis, we offer a range of well-balanced and forgiving rackets that facilitate learning and guarantee a positive first experience on the court.

For the more experienced players, we have a selection of tennis rackets offering the precision and control required to dominate in the match, meeting the high expectations of advanced players and delivering the perfect balance between power and control.

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