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A mini ping-pong table is an excellent, affordable solution for you who want to enjoy the game, but do not have enough space for a full-size ping-pong table. A small, stylish table tennis table that does not take up more space than a small desk. The table's compact size makes it easy to play ping-pong anywhere and just as easy to put away when not in use. In addition to mini tables, we also have a wide range of indoor ping-pong tables and outdoor ping-pong tables.

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Small Ping-pong Tables that Do Not Compromise on Quality

Small ping-pong tables, just like the large ones, have been manufactured with great care so that you can enjoy fast-paced ping-pong for a long time. STIGA's mini tables have sloping edges and consist of a sturdy 12 mm fiberboard in a stylish design with a high-quality surface treatment and a durable nylon net. All so that you can play match after match for a long time to come.

Play Ping-pong Anywhere with a Small Ping-pong Table

The mini table is a small ping-pong table that is about as large as a neat desk (125 x 75 x 72 cm), making it easy to place virtually anywhere. Its timeless design makes it stylish to leave out, and you can easily fit a mini ping-pong table in the living room, children's room, in a corner of the home office. The table is pre-assembled and allows you to quickly get started and play. When you have finished playing, you simply fold it up and place it behind a door or under a bed. Perfect for those who sometimes need to use the area for something other than ping-pong. For those who have a little more space, but are not quite ready for a full-size ping-pong table, a good alternative could be a midi ping-pong table.

Small Table Tennis Tables for an active lifestyle

Mini ping-pong tables are particularly popular among children and teenagers. The smaller size allows them to handle and play on the table with ease, so they can develop their skills, have fun, and move around. Who knows, maybe it's the starting shot for a continued career in table tennis?

The mini table suits you who want to live an active lifestyle and be able to play ping-pong at home with family and friends, but who are not ready to give up a lot of space in the home or even have room for a full-size ping-pong table.

A mini table also fits perfectly in offices or smaller workplaces. Why not invest in a small, handy ping-pong table for work to encourage more movement and socializing during breaks?

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