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A ping-pong or table tennis table at home, in the office, or at the club always generates great interest and encourages spontaneous activity. We have ping-pong tables of all sizes and various price ranges - from full-size ping-pong tables and indoor ping-pong tables to outdoor ping-pong tables. Or why not take a look at our mini ping-pong tables that are perfect at home, at work, or in smaller spaces? STIGA's sturdy and durable ping-pong tables give you an optimal playing experience whether you play at a hobby level or train and compete in table tennis. Table tennis nets are included in the purchase for most of our table tennis tables, you can also buy ping pong nets / table tennis nets separately. Join the world's elite and choose a STIGA table tennis table for use outdoors or indoors, or a hybrid table that can handle everything. P.s. don't forget to buy a table cover to extend its lifetime!

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Ping-pong Tables for Professional Play

At STIGA, you will find high-quality table tennis tables for those who play in a club and compete at a professional level. We have several variants of ITTF-approved competition tables designed for professional players and are perfect for tournaments both away and at home. All our ping-pong tables are robust and durable and have a high-quality surface that provides a consistent bounce and response when the ball hits it. A good rule of thumb is that the thicker the table top, the better the bounce. With sturdy, adjustable legs and a solid frame, the table stands firmly and you avoid vibrations or unevenness during the game.

Ping-pong Tables for Hobby and Leisure Play

Gather the family and friends and play ping-pong at home! A ping-pong table that you have at home, you probably want to be able to move and put away when not in use. Then it can be convenient with a table with wheels or a table that is easy to fold up and down. We have everything from mini tables and midi table tennis tables to handy full-size ping-pong tables that are easy to assemble. Our ping-pong tables for leisure play always set high demands on safe constructions, so that children can use the table without risking pinching themselves. 

Buying Ping-pong Tables or Table Tennis Tables

Before you buy a ping-pong table for the club or for play at home or at the office, you should consider whether you need to be able to put the table away or if it should stand permanently in a certain place. Ping-pong tables with wheels are practical if you quickly need to be able to roll the table aside to make room for other activities. If you live in a small space with little room, a midi table or mini table can be a smart solution that can bring joy of playing to the whole family.

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