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Here you will find STIGA Sports' range of badminton equipment. We have badminton rackets suitable for badminton players of all levels. STIGA Sports has a long history in racket sports, and you can read more about our heritage in badminton further down. Our badminton range includes rackets for beginners, intermediate players, and advanced competitors, badminton clothes, and badminton accessories.




Up your badminton game with a racket from STIGA! Here, you’ll find badminton rackets for all levels, from beginner to pro.

Badminton – the intense, speed-filled racket sport played by millions of people around the globe – is fun to play and to watch. This is an incredibly all-round form of exercise, where you can improve both stamina and speed, but it’s also relatively easy as a beginner to achieve a good badminton game compared to other racket sports. As with table tennis and tennis, badminton has been an essential part of STIGA’s history since the 1940s.  
In 1943, when badminton began to gain popularity in Sweden, STIGA offered rackets and accessories such as nets and balls in its range. We also sold complete badminton sets, with rackets, balls, net, and poles, neatly packaged in a carrying case. 
In the mid-1950s, we expanded the range with more rackets, along with the Carlton Whistler badminton ball, which “whistled” in flight. At the time, the Carlton Whistler created a sensation and was the latest in badminton ball technology.  

During the 70s, STIGA entered into cooperation with Ewa Twedberg, a Swedish badminton player who won many titles including the European and Swedish Championships and the Swedish Open. Ewa not only played using STIGA’s rackets; she also participated in the development of our badminton product range. 
After having had badminton only in our leisure line for some years, we’re returning to our badminton roots to offer a full range of high-quality rackets for all players – men, women, and juniors – and from beginners and enthusiasts to dedicated pro players. Step up your game with the best in equipment – get your badminton rackets from STIGA Sports! 

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