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Welcome to STIGA Sports! We offer many high-quality padel rackets for children and juniors! Padel is super-fun and very popular. Many children and teens are drawn to padel’s speed and social activity. At STIGA, our goal is to help all young padel players find the right equipment and develop skills while having fun. We’re proud to offer a wide assortment for all types of players. Taking the whole family to the padel court? Check out our padel rackets for women and men! Don’t forget to buy some of our high-quality padel balls with a WPT feeling, so you’re ready to play a great match together! 

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Padel rackets for Children & Juniors

A padel racket for children and juniors is specifically designed to meet younger players’ needs. This racket weighs less than regular models, which makes it easier for children to control and handle the racket. When it’s time to choose a padel racket, it’s important to consider age group, because this can influence children’s development as players. It can also reduce the risk of injury. At STIGA, you’ll find a wide range of cool padel rackets for children and juniors to make it easier for young players to find an appropriate racket for their age, size, and individual playing style. Ps. Don’t forget to store your rackets in one of our great-looking padel bags and padel covers to protect and extend the life of your padel rackets! 

Padel rackets for children in different colours

A padel racket in a child’s favourite colour and a cool design can motivate young players and make the game more fun. Colour and unique design are important factors when choosing a children’s padel racket. At STIGA, we offer padel rackets for children and juniors in a range of great colours, so children can choose a racket to suit their personal style and taste. Looking for a racket in shimmering pink or classic blue? Giving a colourful padel racket to a child can help build enthusiasm for the game and self-confidence on the court. 

Padel racket junior for various levels 

It doesn’t matter whether your child has just started to play padel or is more experienced in the game. At STIGA Sports, we offer a range of padel rackets for juniors that meet many different needs and skill levels. We make padel rackets in various high-quality materials, with perfect balance and speed for every playing style. For younger players just starting with padel, we recommend a lighter, easy-to-play racket that makes it easier to learn the basics of the game and achieve speed in shots. For junior players who have advanced to higher levels, STIGA offers more technical padel rackets with increased performance, speed, and control. A good transitional approach is to use a women’s padel racket to develop more skills and advance to the next level. To ensure top performance on the court, choose from a range of comfortable and stylish padel clothing and shoes in classic Scandinavian designs from STIGA Padel.