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Sometimes a couple of sticks and a ball are all that’s needed to create more active and enjoyable leisure for kids and adults. Floorball is a fun, fast-paced sport that everyone can play. Why not gather your mates, neighbours, and family, and invite them to an exciting floorball match? A perfect summer activity or after-school hobby! All you need is a floorball goal, floorball sticks, and a ball, and you’re ready to play. At STIGA, you’ll find all kinds of floorball goals and cages for both street hockey and indoor/outdoor games. Here, you can even buy sets with sticks and balls, multipacks of colourful floorball balls, and complete sets with goals, sticks, and balls. For children who are more interested in football, we also offer a wide range of football goals and table football games.

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Floorball goals for children

Floorball is a fun, fast-paced sport – perfect for active kids! Adults can be active, too, so it’s good to know that our floorball goals also work well for grown-ups. Play using small goals is usually popular, no matter the age of the players. We offer floorball goals in various sizes, with durable nets that can withstand even the toughest matches. These goals are easy to assemble and disassemble, and they require little storage space. The robust steel construction makes them ideal for play both indoors and out, and for both practice and fun. Our larger floorball goals, also made from steel, can be used for street hockey and other sports. We also make small foldable floorball goals! Easy to take home to friends for a quick game or store away when not in use.