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Everyone loves sledding - kids, toddlers, and the entire family! Feel the snow whirling around and the exhilarating rush in your stomach. Are you in search of a sled with a steering wheel? A sled for children? Or perhaps a sled designed for babies or even adults? Why not double up on the fun with a two-seater sled? We've got everything you need for winter excitement and every toboggan adventure. At STIGA Sports you'll find durable, robust sleds made in Sweden, built to last through many winters. Dive into our winter sports collection, featuring snowracers, snow sliders, snow scooters, and snowboards. So, get out there in the snow and see who can race down the hill the fastest! Purchase your STIGA sled today!

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At STIGA Sports, our heart beats for winter fun. The thrill of the first snowfall, the laughter of children as they glide down hills, and the joy of shared family moments are what drive our passion. When you're in the market to buy a sled, we want you to think of STIGA first. Our extensive range of snow sleds, from traditional plastic sleds to modern sleds with steering wheels, caters to every age and preference. Crafted with pride in Sweden, our sleds are a blend of timeless design and innovative features. Sustainability is at the core of our ethos. By incorporating bio-based and recycled plastics into our sled designs, we're not only championing the environment but also ensuring that our sleds stand the test of time. And with added features like brakes, a steering wheel, tow ropes, and rear reflectors, every ride promises safety and endless fun.

Magical Winter Adventures with Children’s sleds

Childhood winters are magical, filled with snowflakes, frosty mornings, and the unmistakable joy of sledding. At STIGA Sports, we believe every child deserves a sled that's both safe and fun. Our children’s sleds and baby sleds are more than just toys; they're vessels of adventure. Take, for instance, our Baby Cruiser. This thoughtfully designed sled, made from recycled plastic, is built for the youngest of riders. With its high back, cushioned seating, and integrated safety belts, it's a testament to our commitment to quality and safety. Parents can relax, knowing their little ones are in good hands, while the kids embark on their snowy escapades. And as they grow, our range of robust sledges ensures they'll always have a reliable companion for their winter adventures.

Sleds with Steering Wheels and Double Sleds for Thrilling Rides

The joy of sledding is often better when shared. Whether its siblings racing each other down a hill or friends embarking on a snowy adventure together, our double sleds are designed for collective fun. Built for stability and comfort, they promise laughter-filled rides and cherished memories. But if solo thrills are more your style, our sleds with steering wheels are a game-changer. Merging speed with precision, they offer an exhilarating experience, turning every hill into a racetrack. At STIGA Sports, we understand the nuances of winter fun. That's why, from the materials we choose to the designs we craft, every sled is a reflection of our dedication to quality, safety, and most importantly, joy.

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