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How many times has your child told you that they want to start riding a bike, just like their older siblings or their friends? Is your child flatly refusing to ride in the kiddie seat on your bike? With a cool balance bike or strider bike, you can help your child practise their skills and prepare for riding a regular bicycle in the future. STIGA’s lightweight, robust balance bikes and strider bikes are made for very young children who are eager to train their balance skills while experiencing a biking “feeling” and plenty of fun. Trade nagging for a new, fun adventure on wheels! And remember: happy child, happy parents! In addition to balance bikes, we also offer a wide selection of scooters, 3-wheeled scooters, and push cars.

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The Balance bike – the best way for children to learn how to ride a bike

It’s not always easy to learn to ride a bike. Bike riding requires coordination, loads of practice, and plenty of patience – and small children usually have yet to learn these skills. Your child has undoubtedly noticed how you, their siblings, or friends use 2-wheelers, and now they want to join in the fun. There’s actually a smart, easy way to learn how to ride a 2-wheeled bike. Balance bikes and strider bikes have no pedals to get in the way or training wheels that may do more harm than good. These models allow children to train balance and coordination at their own pace, and offer a “bike-like” experience so children can learn cycling skills by riding a strider bike.
A balance bike is a safe alternative for very young children who are keen on learning to ride. With a balance bike, your child can ride slowly and safely at the beginning as they learn to maintain balance and obtain the coordination they need for riding a regular bike.

Buying a bike or strider bike for children aged 2 to 3 years

A strider bike is excellent for children of two or three years. STIGA’s lightweight yet stable strider bikes make it easy for children to learn to ride a bike. Our strider bikes feature a stable frame and durable grips. It’s easy to adjust the saddle height as your child grows.
A strider bike has no pedals or training wheels that can give a false sense of security and prevent your child from developing a natural balance for riding a bike. This means children can concentrate fully on finding the right skills from the start, so moving to a “real” bike in the future will be easier.

Push bike, strider bike, balance bike – which one?

No matter what you might call it, your child’s new “bike-like” means of transportation requires the right equipment. At the very least, your child needs a child’ s helmet, but it’s very good to add elbow and knee pads to ensure a safe, comfortable riding experience without scrapes or scratches.
For very young children who haven’t fully mastered a push bike or balance bike, a push car or 3-wheeled scooter can be a great alternative. This will provide a stable beginning for children to learn the basics on their own, just like older children. For children who can easily ride a 3-wheeled scooter, the next step can be a regular 2-wheeled scooter.

10-inch or 12-inch strider bike: which one should you choose?

The greater the wheel diameter, the more speed. When choosing a strider bike, remember to consider the wheel size. STIGA offers strider bikes with 10-inch wheels for very young children (from two years) and with 12-inch wheels for older children. The right wheel size will help provide a safer and more attractive bike experience for your child. In addition, the tyres are quiet and maintenance-free, and will not leave marks on floors – so your child can practise indoors.

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