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  1. 97f40c6f-d094-48bd-bcc2-104e2c70fb7b_1.jpg
    Clipper Wood WRB Table tennis blade
    A Clipper Wood built with the WBR system which accelerates the blade face for faster returns, more power and extra sensitivty of touch.
  2. 2188dcaf-89e7-453a-866c-ea3af0e61ac5.jpg
    Offensive Classic Carbon Table tennis blade
    48€ 0.01€
    An updated version of the world famous Offensive Classic blade, now with Carbon.
  3. 104035.jpg
    Clipper 40 Table tennis blade Master
    A STIGA classic turns 40 – a limited edition blade.
  4. 0ea71bb9-508e-4384-8c60-8eda0414679a.jpg
    Offensive Classic Table tennis blade
    One of the most sold offensive blades of all times.
  5. cdeadc35-08d8-4be5-84d7-ec141609ba04.jpg
    Allround Classic Table tennis blade
    One of the best-selling allround blades of all times.
  6. 9f55a2c3-6dfc-45cd-b779-b77d49e4c883.jpg
    Clipper Wood Table tennis blade
    Famous throughout the world for its speed and used by many world class players, notable Liu Guoliang, Miu Hirano and Jean-Michel Saive.
  7. ea85cd3f-9fc0-460d-83f5-b18a3b78cc99.jpg
    Allround Evolution Table tennis blade
    One of our most popular blades in Japan, suitable for the modern, allround player who exploits every variation of speed and spin.
  8. 236f013e-3ab3-40f8-a0e3-fb8134f1f841.jpg
    Inspira CCF Table tennis blade
    Take control of your returns!
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