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  1. 78-1071-12.jpg
    Garden GS Badminton set
    The complete two player badminton set.
  2. 78-1090-02.jpg
    Loop 22 Speed badminton set
    Speed badminton set for leisure play. Includes 2 rackets 3 shuttlecocks and a racket case, for convenient storing and carrying.
  3. 78-1071-14.jpg
    Weekend WS Badminton set
    The complete badminton set for the whole family and their friends.
  4. 78-1301-01.jpg
    Shuttlecocks Mixed Colors
    Badminton shuttlecocks, for training and recreational play.
  5. 78-1051-12.jpg
    Hobby HS Badminton set
    Easy and fun badminton set for two players to bring with you to a court nearby or when playing indoors.

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A badminton set for action-packed matches in the garden

Badminton is a fun and fast-paced sport in which everyone can participate. A badminton set comprising rackets, shuttlecocks and nets means that you can be playing a game in your garden, at the beach or park in no time.

Here you’ll find all the badminton equipment you need to get started. Enjoy matches with family and friends and become more active in an easy and fun way! Read more about our badminton products here.