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Discover our range of table tennis rackets on sale! STIGA Sports has been assisting table tennis players of all levels with table tennis products since 1944, both in Sweden and internationally. Initially, we only produced complete table tennis bats, but now we offer everything from table tennis blades and table tennis rubbers to table tennis tables and ping pong balls. In our selection of table tennis rackets, you can find paddles ranging from 1-star to 5-star ratings, ensuring that you'll find a paddle that suits you. More stars indicate a better but also more challenging paddle to play with. If you haven't played much and are looking for a more forgiving paddle with less spin, a beginner's racket with 1 or 2 stars may be a better fit. There's a STIGA racket for everyone! If you're unsure about which racket to choose, you can read our guide on ping pong rackets.

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