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Er det tid for å dra ut i snøen med barna? Her finner du alle STIGAs rattkjelke modeller, inkludert Curve, Iconic og tilhørende reservedeler. Leter du etter en barns snowracer med BMX-styr eller kanskje en etterlengtet King size GT? Snowracer fra STIGA er like gøy for voksne; kanskje du husker STIGA Snowracer Classic fra din barndom? Skal du velge en rosa? Blå? Eller kanskje en rød? Snowracer, Rattkjelke, bob - ja, kjært barn har mange navn. Vi har markedets største utvalg her hos STIGA Sports. Så samle hele familien og alle venner for vinterens morsomme eventyr. Spørsmålet er bare, hvem kommer raskest ned bakken? Utforsk vårt sortiment for vintersport med akematter, snowkicks og snowboards. Velg din favoritt så ses vi i bakken!

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At STIGA Sports, we eagerly anticipate winter adventures. When snow blankets the ground, every hill becomes a thrilling challenge to conquer. Our Snowracer collection is designed to provide both children and adults with an adrenaline-packed snow experience. A STIGA Snowracer isn't just a winter toy; it's part of a Swedish tradition of high-speed downhill rides, boasting a robust and durable construction that withstands winter's challenges. Our range includes popular models like Iconic and Curve, a Snowracer with a BMX handlebar for those seeking full control on the slopes. STIGA Sports offers a wide variety of snowracers, equipped with various features and available in multiple colors. Want to stand out? Opt for a pink Snowracer. Looking to ride with your child? Check out our GT king size Snowracer. We have snowracers for the whole family!

Snowracer Iconic & Curve – Perfect Harmony of Technology and Design

STIGA Snowracers have been a staple in winter landscapes for decades, continuing to set the standard for quality and performance. The Curve and Iconic models represent a perfect blend of classic design and modern features. Our BMX Snowracer Curve offers riders complete control, even during the fastest turns. The BMX handlebar and carving-shaped front ski ensure easy and precise steering, while the brake provides speed control. All our snowracers are built with a robust high-quality steel frame, designed to endure the rigors of sledding hills. With a durable seat and skis designed for optimal glide, every ride on a STIGA Snowracer promises exhilarating fun.

Snowracers for Kids and Adults

A snowracer turns every snowy hill into an opportunity for new adventures. These speedy vehicles are perfect for exploring snow-covered slopes and steep hills. Imagine the joy as the whole family gathers at the sledding hill, ready for the day's downhill fun. Children's laughter echoes between the trees as they zoom down the hill on their individual snowracers, while parents cheer them on or even join in the fun. We offer snowracers for kids, but we also have models suitable for adults. Why not share the joy and ride down together? Afterwards, everyone can gather for some hot chocolate and share the day's highlights. A STIGA Snowracer enriches the winter with memorable days filled with laughter, excitement, and togetherness.

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