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Inspira Hybrid Carbon

2 099.00 NOK

Top Features:

  • Velbalansert, offensiv ramme for uslåelig følelse og fart - førstevalget til den kinesiske toppspilleren Yuan Licence.
  • En hybrid av ekstra lett karbonfiber og sterkt fibermateriale med antivibrasjonsegenskaper som gir mye følelse, kraft og fleksibilitet.
  • Perfekt for deg som liker å sette motstanderen under press med kraftige slag.
  • Håndtak med overflatestruktur for maksimalt grep.
  • Fabrikkmalt overflate.
  • Tidløs STIGA-design med linse i rustfritt stål.
  • Utviklet i samarbeid med svenske og kinesiske toppspillere.
  • Vekt: 90 +/- 5 g. Produktet er spesifisert for denne vekten og veies ikke separat for individuelle bestillinger.







INSPIRA HYBRID CARBON – A new sensation selected by Yuan Licen 

Want to deliver full-power attacks and spin in your shots? Then the Inspira Hybrid Carbon blade is for you. It’s a well-balanced blade with specially treated fibres for a completely new experience and feel upon impact with the ball. The Hybrid Carbon material is located directly beneath the outer layer of Koto veneer, offering fantastic spin blended with excellent control and power in your attacks. 

The first Hybrid Carbon blade 

Inspira Hybrid Carbon has been developed in collaboration with Swedish and Chinese pros, including Truls Möregårdh, Yuan Licen, and Jon Persson.

Carbon fibre & VR+ 

Inspira Hybrid Carbon combines very lightweight, high-strength carbon fibre and our newly developed VR+ fibre. VR+ offers vibration-reducing characteristics that create a clean ball impact and an improved sense of ball speed and spin. The synergy of the fibre types creates higher bounce while also making this blade very flexible. The result is a powerful blade that’s easy to control. 
The fibre construction has been specially treated prior to gluing. This stabilizes and strengthens the fibre combination, creates a cleaner feel, and enhances power.


Advantages of carbon fibre & VR+ 

  •  High speed without sacrificing flexibility 

  •  Larger sweet spot – more control 

  •  Vibration-reducing characteristics – clean ball impact 

  •  High pitch – clear impact sound 

Thanks to the synergy of the two fibre materials, the blade has a larger sweet spot and offers you more control and feel. This blade is particularly suitable for offensive players with a fast playing style but who also want good control. The vibration-reducing qualities of the Hybrid Carbon decrease vibration travelling from the grip into the hand, which creates a cleaner ball impact and improves the player’s sense of ball speed and spin. 

Advantages of wood layers 

  • High and perfect arc  

  • Longer dwell time  

  • More control over the ball 

Inspira Hybrid Carbon is a 5+2-ply blade with five layers of wood. The fusion of the outer veneer and core increases the duration of contact between the ball and the rubber (dwell time) and gives you added control and feel during critical moments of play and challenging duels. The handle is made from wood of the highest quality and has a surface structure for excellent grip. 

Combination with different rubbers 

Although Inspira Hybrid Carbon has been developed for professional players, this blade boasts many characteristics that are suitable for a variety of players from intermediate to advanced level. You can combine the Inspira Hybrid Carbon with different STIGA rubbers to create multiple dynamic racket systems that will be ideal for most playing styles. 

DNA Hybrid 

Spin rubber. Unique, semi-sticky surface. Provides maximal ball rotation in challenging situations. Ideal balance of speed and control. Made in Germany.


DNA Platinum 

Speed-orientated rubber.Designed for advanced players with an offensive playing style. Shorter pimple structure beneath the surface rubber (compared to most rubbers currently on the market). 2.3-mm sponge for added speed and power. Made in Germany.

Mantra Pro 

Speed-orientated rubber for many playing styles. Easy to use for attacks. Highest quality and performance, made with Japanese precision. Gives you power when you need it. Made in Japan.

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