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Now - Shopping from the UK is easy! All duties and taxes are on us.
Now - Shopping from the UK is easy! All duties and taxes are on us.


Having football fun doesn’t always require multiple players. It’s easy to practise football solo and develop your technique. Train footwork, dribbling through cones, step-overs, rainbow flicks, or bicycle kicks – the possibilities are endless. You decide which skills you want to refine. With a so-called rebounder or bounce-back net, you get a passing buddy that always ensures the ball comes back to you, and you can take as many shots on goal as you like. A rebounder is a small net that returns the ball to you. It’s perfect for practice and training your shots. Complete your rebounder setup with a football goal, and you’ll have everything you need: a dependable passing partner that makes sure to return the ball so you’re always ready to make the next shot. We also offer a wide range of floorball goals and table football games.

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Rebounder Football

The rebounder is often used for football training, but it’s also handy for practice in other ball sports, such as handball, volleyball, and tennis. Because you can adjust the rebounder’s angle, you can choose how the ball is returned to you. STIGA’s stable rebounders feature a steel frame, along with support legs and ground attachments, so the rebounder stays in place. It’s easy to assemble using the elasticated bands that attach to the frame. The weather-resistant PE net withstands powerful shots and can be used outdoors, rain or shine. You’ll be ready in no time to start training right in your own garden.

Bounce-back nets – nets that return the ball

Whatever you call it, it’s a must for ball sports. A rebounder, which is also called a bounce-back net, is a smart training partner for anyone who wants to develop ball control and passing technique. When you make a shot or pass the ball to the rebounder net, the ball bounces back to you at varying heights so you can practise returns, volleys, heading, and other skills. Perfect for refining your technique and building well-rounded game skills! 

Rebounder for children

A rebounder is ideal for football practice for both children and adults. With a rebounder, children can develop ball handling skills, control, and passing. The best thing about the rebounder is that anyone can practise on their own when friends and family aren’t available. It’s a great gift idea for football players of any age. STIGA rebounders are available in various sizes so you can choose the one that’s most suitable for your child.

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