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Now - Shopping from the UK is easy! All duties and taxes are on us.
Now - Shopping from the UK is easy! All duties and taxes are on us.
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Riding scooters is incredibly fun for all ages and skill levels. It’s also a great way to stay active and get some exercise. At STIGA Sports, you’ll find an impressive range, including Air Scooters. Our selection includes scooters in a variety of colours and models for children and adults. We’re proud of our products, and our goal is to help you find the perfect scooter for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a stunt scooter, helmets and street protection for children, or something the whole family can enjoy, you’ll find that STIGA Sports has what you want. Explore the exciting world of scooters today – and let the good times roll!

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Scooters for children

When looking for children’s scooters, it’s important to choose a safe, stable scooter that’s appropriate for the child’s age, height, and needs. Here at STIGA Sports, we offer a wide selection of sturdy, high-quality scooters for children. For example, a small scooter suitable for a two-year-old can feature lower handlebars and smaller wheels to help with balance. A large scooter designed for an older child will have higher handlebars and larger wheels to suit the child’s height and skills. Whether you want a scooter for 2- to 5-year-olds or a larger model for 6- to 9-year-olds, you’ll find the right one here. Nevertheless, for our youngest riders, we recommend a push car or a 3-wheel scooter.  Cool scooters for children of all ages – we have them at STIGA Sports.

Buying scooters for adults

Buying a scooter for an adult can be a bit overwhelming when you consider the vast range of alternatives available today. At STIGA Sports, we’ve developed several scooters in stylish and practical designs for adults. Looking for a scooter for your work commute, or more for relaxing leisure use in the park? STIGA’s scooter are built to be safe, robust, comfortable, and easy to use, and offer a smooth, speedy ride to get you where you’re going. So whether you’d like to strengthen your leg muscles, train your balance, or just take a ride for fun, we’re certain that you’ll find a STIGA scooter to meet your needs. Using an adult scooter is also an excellent way to exercise and enjoy the fresh air, and it’s good for relaxation.

Scooters in a variety of colours

Interested in buying a scooter for yourself or a child? It’s important that the one you choose is not only stylish but also functional and safe. STIGA Sports offers scooters in a wide range of colours!  Choose the colour that suits your personal style.  Want a pink scooter? Or a blue scooter? Whether you want yours in classic black or something brighter, at STIGA you’re guaranteed to find a scooter in the right colour. Why not make that scooter even cooler, by adding some decals or stickers? What are you waiting for?  Choose your favourite today – and let the good times roll!

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