Now - Shopping from the UK is easy! All duties and taxes are on us.
Now - Shopping from the UK is easy! All duties and taxes are on us.
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STIGA table tennis balls or ping pong balls, you can call them what you like! When it comes to table tennis balls, STIGA is a world leader with everything from 3-star table tennis balls, which are ITTF approved competition balls, to practice balls and ping pong balls for outdoor use. The most common colours are white or orange and the balls are usually sold as 3-pack, 6-pack, or 100-pack. STIGA's table tennis balls can be purchased by individual players or by schools, companies, and all kinds of associations. Apart from ping pong balls, you will find everything else you need for table tennis here at STIGA. Everything from table tennis bats to table tennis tables. Explore our range!

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Buy Table Tennis Balls at STIGA

Explore STIGA Sports' impressive range of table tennis balls, where we offer high-quality options for every playing style and environment. Our 3-star table tennis balls are specially designed to meet the demands of both professional and novice players.

3-Star Table Tennis Balls

Our 3-star table tennis balls are ITTF-approved competition balls, guaranteeing their quality and compliance with international competition standards. They are made with meticulous precision to provide a consistent bounce and optimal control during play. With their high quality and durability, these balls are perfect for tournaments and serious matches. For training purposes, our 3-star ping pong balls are the ideal choice for players looking to improve their technique and develop their skills. Their quality and playability make them ideal for training sessions and drills where players can focus on improving their strokes and building up their playing strength.

Outdoor Ping Pong Balls

For outdoor enthusiasts, STIGA Sports offers table tennis balls that are specially designed for outdoor table tennis. These balls are engineered to withstand varying weather conditions and provide an optimal bounce even outdoors. Now you can enjoy table tennis even on sunny days or in outdoor environments, while still getting the same quality and performance expected from STIGA Sports. These table tennis balls should be used when playing on our outdoor ping pong tables. Of course, we also offer many other table tennis tables – everything from mini ping pong tables and midi ping pong tables to indoor table tennis tables and full-sized table tennis tables. Explore the range!

Table Tennis Balls for Training

Training-specific table tennis balls are designed to be durable, cost-effective, and offer a consistent bounce. They are ideal for players who want to practice and improve their technique without having to use more expensive match balls. Moreover, they are typically designed to be more durable than match balls, withstanding both intensive use and repeated hits without quickly losing their quality or shape.

STIGA Sports' training table tennis balls resemble many competition balls in terms of roundness, weight, and stability. They are ideal for multi-ball training, robot training, and match play.

Whether you are a competitive player, an enthusiastic amateur, or an outdoor enthusiast, STIGA Sports offers table tennis balls that deliver exceptional quality, performance, and playability. Explore our range and discover why our balls are popular among table tennis players worldwide!

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