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Now - Shopping from the UK is easy! All duties and taxes are on us.
Now - Shopping from the UK is easy! All duties and taxes are on us.
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For the youngest stars ready to take their first steps on the tennis court, choosing the right childrens tennis racket is not just important; it's crucial. At STIGA Sports, you will find tennis rackets for kids designed to make the learning process both fun and rewarding. We have tennis rackets not only for juniors but also for other family members, from tennis rackets for women to tennis rackets for men. Explore our entire tennis range with everything from tennis rackets to tennis clothing and  tennis accessories.

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Buy Childrens Tennis Rackets at STIGA

When it's time to introduce young talents to the world of tennis, the first step is purchasing children tennis rackets that are tailored to their needs and conditions. At STIGA Sports, we have crafted a selection featuring children's tennis rackets, designed with kids in mind. Each tennis racket for kids is constructed to meet the young players' requirements for comfort, safety, and joy in playing. We have balanced factors such as weight, grip size, and string pattern to offer optimal playability and encourage the correct technique from the start.

By buying a childrens tennis racket at STIGA, you are getting a high-quality product that will help take your child's game to the next level. Explore our range today and take the first step towards a rewarding and successful tennis journey, with rackets designed to foster a lifelong love for the sport. 

26-inch kids tennis racket

As your child approaches their teenage years, it becomes time to consider a 26-inch tennis racket. In the age group of 9-S13 years, youths start growing rapidly, and their playing style evolves accordingly. A 26-inch tennis racket gives your young player an edge on the tennis court, offering a perfect balance between power and control. This racket size facilitates players in this age bracket to continue developing their technique and building a strong foundation for the future. It's important to choose a racket that matches not only the player's height but also their skill level. A 26-inch tennis racket offers a larger "sweet spot" compared to smaller models, allowing them to hit the ball with greater precision and power.

At STIGA Sports, you can purchase 26-inch tennis rackets for children and juniors, designed to support young players' technical development and promote a healthy playing style that minimizes the risk of injuries. Choosing the right racket size involves more than just considering age; it also encompasses understanding the child's individual physical development and skill level. Explore our selection and take the next step in nurturing a future tennis star with the right equipment.

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