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Now - Shopping from the UK is easy! All duties and taxes are on us.
Now - Shopping from the UK is easy! All duties and taxes are on us.




About Cybershape 

Who says that all padel rackets must be round? No one. That’s why we decided to go against the tide – we went to the lab and tested, measured, and tested again. The result is Cybershape, the hexagonal racket-head design that will take your game to new heights. Here are just a few of the advantages of the Cybershape design.

Unexcelled power transfer and 20% larger sweet spot 

In cooperation with Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology, STIGA Sports studied a comparison of round and Cybershape-design rackets. The tests show that the Cybershape design increases power transfer. Combined with an optimized composition of materials, this creates a very powerful racket that helps you create more speed, naturally and in every shot. The unique design also features 20 % more sweet spot area than round rackets. 


Exceptional acceleration and control 

The Cybershape form factor delivers incredible acceleration. When you hit the ball harder and faster, it gives you enormous power in your shot, while also delivering a sense of total control. We think this combination of speed and control is a unique characteristic of the Cybershape racket. 

Maximized sweet spot higher on the racket

The hexagonal head offers a larger optimized hitting surface that’s located higher up on the racket, when compared to traditional designs. With this sweet spot that’s both higher and extended further out, you can hit more stable shots without sacrificing control. In other words, this unique shape is not just a matter of looks – it gives the player a maximally optimized hitting surface, which is a specific advantage that can’t be achieved with traditionally shaped rackets. 


Easier play close to the ground and glass 

The Cybershape advantages don’t stop with the larger sweet spot; this racket gives you the opportunity to develop your game. Thanks to the racket-edge design, you can bring your racket significantly closer to the ground and the glass. The lines of the racket align with the court, giving this racket a clear advantage over a round racket when you work on improving your game. 


Who says that all padel rackets must be round? After huge breakthroughs in table tennis and the rapid growth of pickleball, STIGA Sports is now applying its revolutionary Cybershape design to padel rackets.

Pending application for design protection

The unique Cybershape design is under pending application for design protection. 

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