Cybershape Wood

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  • An offensive table tennis blade with a revolutionary, patent pending and design-protected shape that provides an optimised hitting area.
  • The symbiosis of exclusive materials, the unique Cybershape design, result in a flexible blade that fits several different play styles.
  • Developed together with STIGA professional players to work optimally with a wide range of STIGA's table tennis rubbers.
  • According to measurements from tests carried out in collaboration with KTH, Cybershape has a larger sweet spot placed higher up on the blade than a standard shape which gives more power in your strokes without losing control of the ball.
  • Handles are made of the top-quality Italian wood and have a surface roughness that ensures an optimal gripping surface without the handle feeling slippery.
  • Factory-lacquered surface and a weight of: 80-85 g.
DNA Platinum S

DNA Platinum S

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14-Day Test Play & Money Back Guarantee exclusively at

Finding the right table tennis blade can be difficult, and we understand the need for players to be able to test blades before purchasing. Because we believe so much in the unique characteristics, performance, and quality of our blades, we now offer you the chance to test them for 14 days before deciding whether to keep them. This means that you can test the blade with rubber sheets of your choice, and if you're not 100% satisfied after 14 days, you can remove the rubber sheets and send us back the blade to get 100% of your money back.*

Not sure which table tennis blade will suit your game best yet? Check out our guide to help you find your perfect fit. For instructions regarding the use of STIGA Sports money-back guarantee, please email customer service at, and we'll issue a full refund once the racket is returned to us.

*The money is refunded in the form of a gift card with a value corresponding to the purchase amount to be used at The promotion applies to rackets with the "Money Back" sticker and can only be used once per consumer per year. It does not apply to products discounted by more than 25%. Return shipping is paid by the customer, and STIGA Sports reserves the right to charge a fee in cases of abnormal wear and tear on the blade.


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Optimized hitting area and larger sweet spot

Our research has shown that for the majority of players their optimal hitting area is on the top half of the blade. So we’ve optimized the hitting area so that it is larger in comparison to the traditional shape of the blade’s upper half and slightly smaller on the lower half to maintain the blade’s balance.

In collaboration with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), we have also tested the vibration properties of Cybershape, i.e. how the blade moves. The tests have shown that Cybershape has a larger sweet spot placed higher up on the blade than a standard shape which gives more power in your strokes without losing control of the ball.


Customized hitting area for cross court play 

Since the ball usually strikes the top half of the racket (both backhand and forehand), that's exactly where Cybershape really stands out. One of the distinctive features of the Cybershape design is that in your return and short game you get closer to the surface of the table by all of 6.5 cm of the hitting area, compared to 2.5 cm for a round blade. This gives you more of a chance of getting to short serves and returns.  

With Cybershape's unique shape, it is also easier to get the ball placement on the hitting area you desire while serving. Thanks to Cybershape’s angles, you automatically have six corners as a basis to aim for, depending on how much and what type of spin you want.  

Top-quality wood gives you a stable handle

Cybershape Wood is available in three different handles: Master/Concave, Classic/Straight and Pen/Penhold.

The handles for Cybershape Wood are made of the top-quality wood and have a surface roughness that ensures an optimal gripping surface without the handle feeling slippery.

The lens is made of stainless steel and has undergone a process that makes it change colour depending on the light and angle of the racket.


The combination of layers of wood and different rubbers creates a dynamic racket system 

Cybershape Wood together with different STIGA rubbers results in several possible dynamic racket systems. Cybershape Wood is made up of 5 carefully selected wooden layers that are developed to work in symbiosis with several different rubbers to be able to fit the majority of playing styles. Cybershape Wood, combined with softer and slower rubbers, is a perfect introductory blade for when you start your career, while also being suitable for more experienced players who prefer a lot of control and feel with every stroke.

If you prefer power in your strokes, we recommend that you combine the blade with harder rubbers. With Cybershape Wood, even players who are looking for more speed when playing can generate the power needed in combination with harder and thicker rubber.

At STIGA, we see the table tennis blade as the engine of the racket system, and we are proud of the dynamic engine we have developed with Cybershape Wood – a blade not just for when you are setting out but also to develop your game for a long time into your career.

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