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  1. 9603-9001-01.jpg
    ART Padel racket
    A well-balanced racket for players seeking both speed and control.
  2. 9605-9001-01.jpg
    ACE Padel racket
    Powerful, high-performing racket that offers an elevated playing experience.
  3. 9607-9001-01.jpg
    AXE Padel Racket
    An innovative racket with more carbon fibre layers for extra speed and rigidity.
  4. 9601-9001-01.jpg
    ARC Padel racket
    Easy-to-play, all-round racket for padel enthusiasts.

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Buy padel rackets online

Padel is here to stay! This fast and social racket sport appeals to a wide variety of players, from enthusiasts to competition-level players. And that's exactly what we've kept in mind when developing our padel rackets. Padel offers something for everyone regardless of age or level. It's equally suitable for those who want to enjoy a game after work and who strive to reach the top. We have combined high performance with a minimalistic Scandinavian design, so you can develop your technique in style. All of our padel rackets are available online, handmade and come in a timeless black colour with a touch of gold, silver or bronze depending on the racket.

The ARC padel racket is our most easy-to-play racket, suitable for beginners and players who like to enjoy a match with friends or colleagues after work. A racket that provides excellent control, feeling and good speed. The perfect gateway to the padel world.

If you've developed a keen interest in the sport and are even considering competing, the ACE padel racket is for you. The ideal model for players who place high demands on speed and power. ACE is a powerful padel racket with a lot to offer to those who seek explosive play, maximum speed and great control.

If you're looking for a stable and reliable racket, the ART padel racket is the ideal option: a classic racket that is suitable for the majority of players regardless of ambition level. ART is a fast and well-balanced racket that provides high speed without loss of control. For players of all levels. Here you can read more about and view all our padel rackets.