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  1. 1213-2818-01.jpg
    Royal WRB 3-Star Table tennis bat
    Ultimate racket for players looking to advance their skills.
  2. 1213-3318-35.jpg
    Future Carbon 3-star Table Tennis Bat
    3-star table tennis bat for offensive players – with carbon fibre blade.
  3. 1213-3318-01.jpg
    Future 3-star Table Tennis Bat
    3-star table tennis bat for offensive play.
  4. 1213-3616-01.jpg
    Trinity 3-star Table Tennis Bat
    For the direct power-hitting player.
  5. 1212-8418-01.jpg
    React 2-star Table Tennis Bat
    2-star table tennis bat with the necessary control for offensive play.
  6. 1222-1115-01.jpg
    Pure 2-star Table tennis set
    Colorful bat set for you and your friends.

6 Items

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Table tennis bats for intermediate players

In this category, you will find bats for players who have been honing their table tennis skills for a while and wish to develop their technique and playing style. It has become increasingly important for a player to find a bat that helps them to develop as a player.

And you may have become so keen on the sport that you are now playing in a club. Intermediate players should be looking for a table tennis bat with good control, and slightly more speed and spin.

Your goal is to improve your technique, become faster and more confident at the game, and be able to throw your opponent off balance with more spins.

In this category, you will find 2 and 3-star table tennis bats for intermediate players. They all feature a well-balanced, all-round blade that provides great feeling and control.