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Now - Shopping from the UK is easy! All duties and taxes are on us.
Now - Shopping from the UK is easy! All duties and taxes are on us.


What do we think about snowboards for kids? We love them! It's a fantastic activity that brings immense joy to children. At STIGA Sports you can find snowboards and snowskates tailored for both beginners and the slightly more experienced young riders. Explore our range of snowboards specially designed for juniors and kids. Guaranteed hours of riding pleasure when the snow falls. In addition to snowboards for kids, we also offer other winter sports products like snowracers, snow mattresses, snow kicks, and sledges. So why wait? Grab your snowboard or snowskate and head to the nearest slope!

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Buy Snowboards for Kids at STIGA Sports

As winter's chill sets in and the snow blankets the ground, STIGA Sports offers a range of products that turn every snowy surface into a playground. For the youngest enthusiasts ready to explore snowy slopes, we've crafted the Wild snowboard. This Swedish-made kids snowboard is the perfect first board for children. Wild is user-friendly and designed for kids eager to learn snowboarding from scratch. With adjustable bindings, your child can choose to ride with either the left or right foot forward, and the easy strap adjustments ensure a snug fit.

Snowskate - A Skateboard for Snow

For kids seeking a unique snow experience, we introduce the snowskate. A new type of snowboard designed for rails, jumps, and cruising. Resembling a snow skateboard, its hard plastic and fiberglass construction offers a perfect balance between flexibility and durability, regardless of riding style. The guiding grooves on the underside ensure a stable ride, while the EVA-foam on top provides excellent grip. The best part? No need for ski resorts or expensive lift tickets. Just a few inches of snow and a small slope are all you need for fun with a snowskate.

Snowboards for the Youngest Riders

With STIGA Sports' snowboards for kids and snowskates, your child can experience winter in a whole new way. The Snowboard Wild is ideal for those wanting to grasp the basics of snowboarding, while our snowskate offers a unique twist on traditional snowboarding. Whether it's practicing balance in the yard, performing tricks, or simply cruising down a slope, STIGA Sports has the products that turn every snowy day into an adventure. Our long-standing tradition of delivering high-quality products ensures that every snowboard is designed with a focus on safety and durability, all to provide your child with the best possible experience.

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