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Easy-drive push cars and push-along toys for adventures on wheels! Ready, set, go! Let your child learn to ride a bike the easy and fun way with STIGA push cars. With a push car (or push-along car as it’s sometimes called), your child can train balance skills while safely experiencing adventure on wheels. It’s both fun and enriching for young children, and usually becomes a favourite activity for children eager to try things “on their own”. You can safely let your child try new challenges with an easily manoeuvred, stable push car. It’s the best way to take the first step towards learning to ride a bicycle. In addition to push cars, we offer a wide range of balance bikes and 3-wheeled scooters that are suitable for very young children

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Push cars for very young children

While easy for children to steer, these cars are stable, and parents can feel confident about letting their children use the cars. Four wheels, a comfortable saddle, and handles with good grips means that even very young children will find them easy to use. The silent, maintenance-free wheels are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. STIGA’s Mini Rider Go is a combination of a push car and a balance bike, so very young children can enjoy riding.

Push-along cars in a timeless, sustainable design

For very young children, kicking to move forward is a perfect way to learn independent movement. Nevertheless, people of all ages have reason to appreciate a STIGA push car or push-along car. STIGA’s push-along cars are made with sustainability in mind, in a classic design with a robust steel frame that will never go out of style. These cars can be handed down from generation to generation. If interior design is important to you, these cars make a stylish detail in your child’s room. The cars are available in a variety of colours favoured by both children and adults – from timeless silver to bright blue or pink. Our push cars also feature a handle to reduce the risk of falling, and you can join in on your child’s fun!

Does STIGA offer push cars for 1-year-olds?

Of course it’s up to every family to choose when a child is ready for a push car, but we recommend our push-along toys for children from about 18 months of age. The maximum rider weight is 20 kg.

For children who’ve acquired more balance skills, a 3-wheeled scooter can be an enjoyable alternative for travelling on wheels. For older children, we offer many different regular scooters with two wheels; these roll somewhat faster and require more balance.

Last but not least, remember to think about safety. It’s a given that you want to create wonderful times and memories when your children use a push car or push-along toy. Even if these cars aren’t terribly speedy, a child’s helmet and preferably other protection will provide security for you and your child in the event that an accident occurs. It’s also a way to avoid scrapes and scratches.

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