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Press Release
Eskilstuna, 12 February 2024

Sergio Beracierto and Xavier Aparicio in exclusive collaboration with STIGA Sports Padel

In the world of Padel, Spaniard Sergio Beracierto and Frenchman Xavier Aparicio need no further introduction. Both have a long and successful career in the sport of padel behind them and today they jointly run the renowned training facility Oxygen Padel Club/O2 Padel Academy just outside the southern Spanish tourist paradise of Marbella. The academy also becomes a platform when the duo now officially become ambassadors and distributors for STIGA Sports Padel in their home country of Spain, where padel has had a strong foothold for several decades.

Senor Beracierto in particular is a familiar face to the Swedish padel community, as he has spent many moments in the padel metropolis of Helsingborg, where he has worked closely with former national team captain and internationally active coach Andreas Johansson. Many active Swedish top players have had their technique honed under the supervision of Team Sergio & Andreas.

"Through my many visits to Sweden, I have got to know the professional people at STIGA Sports and can see that we have a broad common value base. We share an endeavour to offer absolute top quality in all our products; from training and playing fields to rackets and other materials. Xavier and I are therefore extremely happy to be part of the STIGA Sports family and we are looking forward to contributing to the brand's strengthened position in the Spanish market" says Sergio Beracierto from Costa del Sol.

"When two of the world's most respected padel professionals not only sign a long-term cooperation agreement with us, but also decide to exclusively represent STIGA Sports Padel as a racket partner, it's like winning all possible championship titles at the same time. You can't get a better grade" says a clearly excited Mattias Westerberg, Chief Commercial Officer at STIGA Sports.

About Oxygen Padel Club/O2 Padel Academy:

Home to world-class players such as Daniel Windahl, Simon Vazquez, Raquel Segura and recent Swedish champion Adam Axelsson.

Six state-of-the-art courts, pro shop, restaurant and gym.

About Sergio Beracierto:
  • Former professional padel player

  • Andalusian champion in 2022

  • professional coach since 2009

  • instructor on padel courses around Europe

  • runs the Oxygen Padel Club/O2 Padel Academy in the town of Calahonda on the Costa del Sol together with Xavier Aparicio.

  • Stiga Sports ambassador and representative in Spain.

About Xavier Aparicio
  • played in the highest division of Spanish padel

  • professional coach since 2014

  • runs the Oxygen Padel Club/O2 Padel Academy in the town of Calahonda on the Costa del Sol together with Sergio Beracierto.

  • Stiga Sports ambassador and representative in Spain


For more information and press photos, please contact: Josefine Brøgger,, 0708 84 35 08

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