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Press release, May 2023

Padel de luxe à la STIGA Sports

Classic Swedish sports and leisure brand STIGA Sports shows that tradition and quality never go out of style when it introduces its retro-inspired and exclusive paddle racket Wood Edition (Carbon Fusion) in the second week of May.

- With the Wood Edition, we bring our documented successful heritage from table tennis into the world of padel, says John Bandstigen, product manager padel at STIGA Sports.

STIGA Sports has had first-class padel rackets in its product range ever since the sport was in its infancy in Sweden, the ambition with the Wood Edition is to raise the range to an even higher level.

- Our long experience in racquet sports and the manufacture of frames in different types of wood means that we dare to go our own way, continues Bandstigen. We have chosen to reflect this in the uniquely designed Wood Edition. A pioneering racket with exclusive details such as thin carbon fiber surface, imitation wood veneer, grip wrap with leather look and touches of gold.

- Today, the sport of padel has become an obvious part of the increasingly active lifestyle of the 2020s. The more practitioners, the higher the demands on quality and performance as well as on design and identity. Therefore, we are convinced that the Wood Edition will find its position in the battle for the favor of padel players, John Bandstigen concludes.

The Wood Edition is put on the track in two variations and in a limited edition.

Facts about the Wood Edition:

Inspired by the ARC 2 with a generous hitting surface that provides fine control and creates dynamics

Thin surface layer of carbon fiber makes the racket extra durable and provides increased speed

Target Grip – a grooved surface that gives the ball a lot of spin

Brown grip wrap that resembles leather

Round shape, low balance

Weight: 360 +/- 10 grams

The roughened surface gives the ball easier spin and the longer shaft makes the racket perfect for a double backhand.

For further information contact:

Andreas Zandrén, CEO STIGA Sports, 0705 61 45 86,

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