STIGA x NN07 Snowracer – a winter classic in exclusive, limited edition

In collaboration with the Danish clothing brand NN07, we’ve produced a super-exclusive edition of the winter classic STIGA Snowracer. This sledge is only being released in a limited edition – thus offering the perfect opportunity to stand out on the slopes and turn a few heads.

STIGA x NN07 Snowracer is a total showstopper! A luxurious, specially designed snowracer with a white frame, and a steering wheel and hand-sewn seat featuring organic leather from the celebrated Tärnsjö Garveri House of Leather, supplier to luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Hermès.

STIGA Snowracer NN07

The sledge is based on our largest model, the STIGA Snowracer King Size GT, which features a sturdy steel frame, a shock absorber, an automatic winder and our Curve Ski System. The generous size makes the sledge perfect for children and adults alike. The ideal wintertime family vehicle!

STIGA x NN07 Snowracer will only be available in our online shop and through

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