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  1. 1215-3118-35.jpg
    Prestige Carbon 5-star Table Tennis Bat
    Our fastest and most powerful 5-star bat – with a carbon fibre blade.
  2. 1212-8418-01.jpg
    React 2-star Table Tennis Bat
    2-star table tennis bat with the necessary control for offensive play.
  3. 1211-8518-01.jpg
    Expand 1-star Table Tennis Bat
    A table tennis bat that provides the beginner with a lot of control.
  4. 1211-8318-01.jpg
    Evolve 1-star Table Tennis Bat
    1-star all-round bat for children and beginners.
  5. 1210-9718-01.jpg
    Action Table Tennis Set
    Ideal table tennis set for recreational games at home or work.
  6. 1211-9918-01.jpg
    Activity Table Tennis Set
    Handy 1-star table tennis set comprising bats, balls and cover.
  7. 1215-2818-01.jpg
    Royal 5-Star Table tennis bat
    Carbon blade and the fastest and most powerful racket in the Royal-Series.
  8. 1214-2818-01.jpg
    Royal 4-Star Table tennis bat
    Perfect for players who wants a racket with high speed and excellent control.
  9. 1213-2818-01.jpg
    Royal 3-Star Table tennis bat
    Ultimate racket for players looking to advance their skills.
  10. 1215-2917-37.jpg
    Forte 5-star Table Tennis Bat
    Perfect selection for the power-hitting player who concentrates primarily on pure speed rather than spin.
  11. 1215-4016-01.jpg
    Flexure 5-star Table Tennis Bat
    Perfect bat for the offensive player who wants power and feeling.
  12. 1214-3816-01.jpg
    Flight 4-star Table Tennis Bat
    For the player who likes very high speed with maximum springiness/elasticity.
  13. 1214-3916-01.jpg
    Factor 4-star Table Tennis Bat
    Ideal for offensive minded players who want extra touch and spin.
  14. 1214-2717-01.jpg
    Flame 4-star Table Tennis Bat
    The fastest bat in our 4-star range.
  15. 1212-3416-01.jpg
    Tempo 2-star Table Tennis Bat
    For the player who wants extra power and control.
  16. 1212-1917-01.jpg
    Trick 2-star Table Tennis Bat
    The bat in our 2-star range with the most control.
  17. 1211-3216-01.jpg
    Octane 1-star Table Tennis Bat
    Optimum choice for control players.
  18. 1211-3316-01.jpg
    Oceania 1-star Table Tennis Bat
    For absolute control in the attacking game.
  19. 1210-3116-01.jpg
    Heal Hobby Table Tennis Bat
    For players who want greater touch and control in their active allround game.
  20. 1220-0915-01.jpg
    Pure Midi Set Table tennis set Blue, Lime Green
    Fun and colorful midi set including two bats and two balls.
  21. 1211-1013-01.jpg
    Base 1-star Table Tennis Bat Black
    1 Star Base suits the controlled attacker who wants touch and power in all their shots.
  22. 1211-1213-34.jpg
    Base 1-star Table Tennis Bat Beige
    1 Star Base suits the controlled attacker who wants touch and power in all their shots.
  23. 1215-0715-37.jpg
    Club Advance Table Tennis Bat
    Distinguish your play with the offensive-minded racket designed by STIGA's leading coaches.
  24. 1220-0815-01.jpg
    Technique Set Table Tennis Set
    The perfect choice for learning the right technique.

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Table tennis bats for players of all levels

Develop your playing skills with a table tennis bat from STIGA. Here you'll find everything from 3, 4 and 5-star rackets of the highest quality for more dedicated players to simpler hobby bats for beginners or children who are developing an interest in the sport.

The bats in the popular Star Series are suitable for most players, regardless of whether you're after speed, feeling or control. At the top of the table tennis products league, you'll find Royal – royalty among our bats – a superb combination of blade and rubber designed for the more offensive playing style.

The bats in the Royal series have been developed with the same technology used to make our blades and rubbers for professional players.

In addition, we also offer a wide range of durable table tennis bats for outdoor use and leisure play – perfect for public spaces such as workplaces and schools. In the Joy series, you'll find our most colourful bats for players who seek to win in style and believe that life is better with a little more colour. The ideal bats for both home and club use. See our full range of table tennis bats here.