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  1. 636000.jpg
    Champ Table tennis net & post
    A light weight net and post set.
  2. 612300.jpg
    Perfekt II Table Tennis Net
  3. 639500.jpg
    Premium VM Table tennis net & post
    Excellent traditional screw-on attachement system.
  4. 649000.jpg
    Premium Table tennis net
    Extra net for Premium Clip and Premium VM.
  5. 615719.jpg
    Mini Table Tennis Net & Post
    Complete net post for our Mini table tennis tables.
  6. 615819.jpg
    Midi Table Tennis Net & Post
    Special Price 10€ Regular Price 20€
    Complete net post for our Midi table tennis tables.
  7. 638000.jpg
    Master Table tennis net & post
    High-quality post set in metal.
  8. 648000.jpg
    Universal Table tennis net
    Extra nylon net.
  9. 637000.jpg
    Match Table tennis net & post
    The perfect choice for playing at home.
  10. 621300.jpg
    Evolution/Clipper VM Extra Net
    Extra net for net posts Evolution and Clipper VM.
  11. 639000.jpg
    Premium Clip Table tennis net & post
    Quick install and removal with the clip system.
  12. 612100.jpg
    Club Table Tennis Net

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Table tennis nets for training and competitions

Nets are often included when you buy a table tennis table, but not always. Nets can also wear out and occasionally need to be replaced. Here you’ll find ITTF-approved table tennis nets for training and competitions, in various models that are either screwed or clamped to the table.

Durable long-lasting nets, including those that are adjustable in height and tension, for fast-paced games at home or at the club. See our full range of table tennis nets and net posts here.