STIGA Sports sets a new trend in the table tennis industry

Eskilstuna, Sweden, April 8, 2019 – STIGA Sports AB is very proud to announce its latest partnership, with Swedish clothing brand ICANIWILL. A partnership rooted in our mutual and constant efforts to develop and improve the table tennis industry is now sealed with a new clothing range aimed at today’s professional players and their daily training routines.

The company, ICANIWILL, was started in 2012 with a sticky note that its founder, Gustaf Ollas, put on his mirror to encourage himself to stick to his daily training. Since then, the company has experienced immense growth when it comes to innovative textile solutions for the sports clothing industry and the sports industry in general.

“We saw a large gap in the market and an increase in demand from professional players for clothes adapted for the gym and running as well as table tennis. Activities that today are a constant part of a professional player’s everyday life. In addition, both STIGA and its new partner are driven by innovation and inquisitiveness, and we’re also both based in Sweden, thus ICANIWILL makes an excellent partner,” says Andreas Zandrén, CEO of STIGA Sports AB.

ICANIWILL is proud to have the opportunity to work with such a well-established brand as STIGA. To continue to develop table tennis together is fully in line with how we at ICANIWILL want to work. We’re grateful and see this as a feather in our hat,” says Gustaf Ollas, founder of ICANIWILL AB.

The partnership between the two companies begins with the launch of a collection aimed at both men and women players, and focuses on comfort, movement and design innovation.

STIGA Sports AB is a global company with partners in over 100 countries. The classic Swedish table tennis company offers products for both enthusiasts and professionals. STIGA began production in 1944 and is now one of the largest table tennis brands in the world. STIGA also offers a wide range of sports products for outdoor and indoor use, including classics such as Snowracer® and table hockey game Play Off. The head office is located in Eskilstuna.