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Buying a kick scooter for your child may seem easy. A few clicks, an exciting wait, and a wonderful vehicle appears on the doorstep, ready for its first ride. But wait, can my three-year-old really handle a scooter with two wheels? Which types of scooter are available to choose from? Is my 10-year-old too big for a kick scooter? Once you start thinking a bit more, you realise you have quite a few questions that need answering. We will guide you through the daunting array of kick scooters available out there.

Who is a kick scooter suitable for?

Generally, there are two types of kicks scooter available: three-wheel scooters and kick scooters with two wheels.

Three-wheel scooters are designed with the youngest riders in mind. Kids who have seen the older kids whizzing by, and long to do the same but don’t really have the motor skills or balance to handle a two-wheel scooter. That’s when a three-wheel scooter is a great starting point. The three-wheeler features two wheels at the front or rear in addition to the main wheel. With a three-wheel scooter, your child can ride steadily and safely while experiencing the feeling of moving independently. Several of our three-wheel scooters are suitable from about the age of two – at a time when you’ll no doubt be hearing the words “by myself” at least twice a day. A kick scooter with three wheels is easy to control and does not move as fast as a two wheeler, which makes it ideal for the youngest, first-time riders.

Kick scooters with two wheels are the most common type. They are available in a wide variety of designs: from simpler ones for those who have outgrown the smaller variety or wish to start riding on two wheels, to more advanced sports scooters, trick scooters and faster kick scooters with big wheels. Of course, determining the exact age when your child is ready for a particular scooter may be difficult, but we usually recommend a two-wheel scooter from about the age of five. If your child has good balance and motor skills, they may wish to start riding a two-wheel scooter before then. Kick scooters designed for older children (from the age of seven years) can withstand a maximum weight of 100 kg, so even you as an adult can enjoy a ride.


How should my child use the kick scooter?

It’s worth considering how your child will use the kick scooter. Will it be the main means of transport to and from school and their friend’s place? Or does your child enjoy jumping ramps and practicing advanced tricks in skateparks? If the kick scooter is to be used as a means of transport for a slightly older child, we recommend a kick scooter with larger wheels. Maybe even an impressive air scooter with large, pneumatic wheels that is easy to ride over a variety of surfaces.

Does your child love jumping curbs and longs to try out the ramps at the skateparks? If so, then the obvious choice is a trick scooter. Trick scooters have small wheels and fixed handlebars for safety. For more general riding, we recommend the regular two-wheel kick scooters such as Comet, Cruise and Track. All three kick scooters have small wheels, and are smooth and stable to ride.

Should a kick scooter be easy to take with me?

If you occasionally wish to take the kick scooter with you when travelling, or simply want to be able to put it away when it’s not in use, a folding scooter is a good option. Several of our two-wheel scooters are foldable, which means you can easily take them with you in the car or on the bus, or put them away when not in use.

Which colour kick scooter should I choose?

Does a kick scooter’s colour have any significance? No, of course not. But sometimes factors other than the wheel size or technical specifications can play a big role. The right choice of colour can mean the world to a child. For us adults, timeless black and white would be the obvious choice, whereas a kid would more likely go for green, pink or bright blue! See all our kick scooters here – both the colourful designs and the slightly more discreet ones.

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