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STIGA Snowracers have been racing down and pulled up slopes for almost 50 years. The classic sledge with steering wheel was first introduced back in 1972 and, until today, remains a firm favourite among children and adults alike. Many of us have our own fond memories of the Snowracer. Like during the really white winters, sledging on the fluffy snow as a family. Then out came the sandwiches and hot chocolate when it was time for a break. Or maybe your child used it to get to and from school or the local shop? A Snowracer is often inherited from one generation to another, and it's easy to understand why. Riding a Snowracer is a simple yet action-packed outdoor activity for the whole family, and most importantly, it's about having fun. While colours and details have of course been updated over time, the exhilarating sensation you get from a Snowracer remains the same.

There are several different models of Snowracer, so to make it easier for you to choose the right one, we present them here. What they all have in common is a sturdy steel frame and a brake.

Our Snowracers


Snowracer Iconic

The latest addition to our Snowracer range is this smallest model. This sledge is more lightweight, making it easier for young children to pull up the slopes. Snowracer Iconic features straight skis and an easy-to-control steering wheel. It has the same timeless design as Snowracer Classic.

Maximum user weight: 80 kg

Recommended age: from 5 years


Snowracer Curve

Our most colourful snowracer! Snowracer Curve is available in a variety of colours that range from intense blue to bubbly pink. It is equipped with the Curve Ski System: twin-tip skis that make turning easier. The steering wheel has comfortable grip zones, while the automatic winder allows the user to pull the sledge more easily.

Maximum user weight: 90 kg

Recommended age: from 7 years


Snowracer Curve SX

Like Snowracer Curve, the Snowracer Curve SX features twin-tip skis and an automatic winder that makes the sledge easy to steer and pull. The difference between the Snowracer Curve SX and the standard Curve model is that the SX features a handlebar instead of a steering wheel. The handlebar can be likened to that on a BMX bike, so the user can make tight curves and really get the most out of sledging.

Maximum user weight: 90 kg

Recommended age: from 7 years


Snowracer Curve GT

In addition to the Curve Ski System and an automatic winder, the GT model of Snowracer Curve also features shock absorbers. Thus GT offers a more comfortable ride on bumpy slopes. It is definitely our most comfortable option for adults.

Maximum user weight: 90 kg

Recommended age: from 7 years


Snowracer King Size GT

This is the biggest Snowracer in our range – a Snowracer for two. An extra long sledge for those who want to enjoy sledging with their child. The Snowracer King Size GT also has shock absorbers, which makes for a more comfortable ride on bumpy slopes. It is ideal for two riders. Just like our Curve GT model, this one features a sturdy steel frame, twin-tip skis, a steering wheel with grip zones and an automatic winder.

Maximum user weight: 100 kg

Recommended age: from 7 years

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