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STIGA + ICANIWILL COLLECTION 2019 This collection is empowered by a collaboration between STIGA and the Swedish made clothes manufacturer ICANIWILL with the goal of enhancing the image of table tennis and giving players apparel for all aspects of the sport, from working out at the gym, running, having coffee with friends, or winning the World Championships.


Why seamless?

The Seamless knitting technology introduces you to a whole new world of comfort and fit. The usage of seams is eliminated or reduced to a minimum and not only does it feel seamless, it also generates a consistently higher quality product. Consequently, this seamless knitwear looks better, fits better and feels comfortable in every situation.

The high-end polyamide material absorbs moisture and keeps the clothes looking and feeling fresh, even after a heavy workout or long tournament. With production based on yarn instead of ready fabric, the seamless technology is better for the global environment by reducing the need for transporting/shipping fabrics and by minimizing waste disposal during production.



Eskilstuna, Sweden, April 8, 2019 – STIGA Sports AB is proud and excited to present our latest collaboration with the Swedish clothing brand ICANIWILL. A collaboration that originates in our recurring endeavor to always develop and improve the table tennis industry, now with a new clothing range aimed at today's elite players and their daily training.

The company ICANIWILL was started in 2012 with a post-it note that founder Gustaf Ollas put on his mirror to stay motivated about his own training. Since then, the company has experienced enormous growth in innovative textile solutions aimed at sports fashion and the sports industry.

- We have seen a big hole in the market as well as an increased demand from elite players to find clothes that are suitable for the gym and running as well as for table tennis. Parts that are now constant elements in an elite player's everyday life. This together with the fact that both STIGA and our new partner are driven by innovation and curiosity and with a base in Sweden made ICANIWILL feel like an excellent partner, says Andreas Zandrén, CEO at STIGA Sports AB.

- At ICANIWILL, we are proud to have the opportunity to work with such a well-established brand as STIGA. Together, continuing to drive development in ping-pong is completely in line with how we at ICANIWILL want to work. We are grateful and see this as a feather in our cap, says Gustaf Ollas, founder of ICANIWILL AB.

The collaboration between the companies begins with the launch of a collection aimed at both men's and women's players with a focus on comfort, mobility and design innovation.

STIGA Sports AB is a global company with partners in over 100 countries. The classic Swedish table tennis company with both hobby and professional products. STIGA started its production of table tennis products as early as 1944 and is today established as one of the world's largest brands in table tennis. STIGA also has a wide range of sporting goods for outdoor and indoor play with classics such as Snowracer® and the table hockey game Play Off. The head office is in Eskilstuna.

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