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STIGA Table Tennis 80 Years: Building world champions since 1944

Eight decades have passed since STIGA embarked on its table-tennis journey. Ever since 1944, we’ve supplied pros, athletes, and enthusiasts throughout Sweden and the world with table-tennis products of the highest quality. We’ve done so with a genuine love for the sport and true enterprising spirit. The last few years are no exception; in fact, our work is more than ever before about new thinking and directions, and this approach has paved the way for innovations that have taken table tennis by storm. So what have we been doing at STIGA lately? Here are a few of our more recent accomplishments.


Cybershape – the Blade that Transformed the Sport

For years, we were curious about a fairly significant aspect of table tennis that could move the game in a whole new direction: must the racket have the classic round shape? What’s stopping us from designing a completely different form factor? Nothing, to be honest! With our CEO Andreas Zandrén in the lead, we realized it was time to challenge some longstanding truths. The worst that could happen was that we would be criticized for being a little too innovative. We decided it was a risk worth taking, so we embarked on the Cybershape journey.

In 2021, after years of research and development, and testing of sound, vibration, and hitting surface in cooperation with Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology, we introduced Cybershape – the blade like no other. The unique shape provides a hitting surface that’s 11 % larger, optimized and higher on the blade, to improve lineup with the table and offer a more generous sweet spot – characteristics that simply weren’t possible to achieve with a traditional blade design. The STIGA Cybershape combines speed and control in a whole new way.

All Eyes on Truls and Cybershape at the World Championships in Houston

Because the development of Cybershape was kept secret and only a few people were involved in the process, we had no idea how our new innovation would be received. On November 1, 2021, megatalent and STIGA player Truls Möregårdh made the first official appearance with the Cybershape. By November 29, all our efforts had been rewarded – Truls brought home the silver medal for the 2021 World Championship in Houston. This amazing feat, Truls says, is in no small part a result of the new blade. “My self-confidence improved significantly when I realized I could play so well with the new Cybershape. It was so cool to help make it a reality,” he says.

After Truls’s world-championship success, demand exploded for the Cybershape. The blade had the best possible start we could ask for. Truls’s success story with Cybershape has continued as well. He and his colleagues on the national team took the gold in the 2023 European Championships in Malmö – Sweden’s first European championship team gold in 21 years. We believe that this is just the beginning of an incredible table-tennis saga.


STIGA CWT Lets Players Tailor the Blade

We didn’t stop innovating with the Cybershape and its unique design. We hade plenty of other ideas after talking to players about they would like to see in a table-tennis racket. These days, players choose their rackets with great care, and must consider a range of parameters when looking for the optimal solution. From choice of materials, woods, and design to appearance and the blade-rubber combination, it’s about creating a highly individualized racket. One decisive factor is the blade’s weight distribution and balance.

After many hours of research and lab testing, we created the STIGA CWT (Custom Weight Technology) – a trailblazing design that helps players fine-tune the blade balance, quickly and easily, according to their playing style and preferences. The STIGA CWT innovation consists of small magnetic weights of 3, 6, and 9 grams, which attach easily to the racket handle. For many players, it’s increasingly important to find the precise weight for their needs, so they can generate more power and kinetic energy in their shots and perform at the top of their game. With STIGA CWT, it’s possible to find that perfect weight.

The STIGA Sports Showroom: Play and Talk Table Tennis in Stockholm’s Södermalm

In June 2023, we were proud to announce the opening of our first showroom on Götgatan 105 in the heart of Södermalm in Stockholm, Sweden. The STIGA Sports Showroom is not just a store where you can explore, examine, and purchase a full range of equipment for table tennis, padel, tennis, and pickleball; it’s also a test centre, where you can try out our various table-tennis rackets.

For us, a showroom in the heart of the capital’s Söder Island is a great beginning, and we plan to expand on the idea. It’s very important to us to maintain a direct dialogue with end customers to ensure that we can develop even better products in the future. We also have office space at the showroom, so we can work there and talk to STIGA customers who drop by. Visit us and say hello, play table tennis, and talk racket sports with our expert colleagues!

Curious about how it all started? Read more here about STIGA’s table-tennis history.

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