We at STIGA Sports are passionate about an active lifestyle, whether it's playing sports with the family in your free time or fighting to be on top of the podium in an important tournament.

Since its inception in 1944, STIGA has provided both table tennis professionals, children and young people with table tennis products at the absolute top level. Many are probably also familiar with our classic table hockey game STIGA Play Off, our cool scooters and the winter favorite STIGA Snowracer. And nowadays we are also associated with our padel rackets in timeless, Scandinavian design. Our range of carefully selected products for active leisure is only growing and we are really proud of that!

Do you share our values ​​about a lifestyle where it is important to move? And would you like to join the STIGA Sports family?

Send an email with a short description of yourself and which social channels you are on to Also tell us if it is @stigaracketsports or @stigasportsofficial that you are interested in collaborating with.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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