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Cybershape Carbon CWT Truls Edition

279.90 EUR

Top Features:

  • Offensive table-tennis blade with the Cybershape registered design and STIGA CWT.
  • Adjust the weight and balance of your blade using the included weights in 3, 6, and 9 grams.
  • Table tennis bat developed in cooperation with vice-world champion Truls Möregårdh.
  • Specially designed weights for Truls’s three favourite shots: the chop, push, and slap.
  • Higher, larger sweet spot than those found in traditionally shaped blades gives you more power in your shots without loss of control.
  • CCF technology, in which the carbon fibre is applied directly to the wood core, provides a softer touch and increased control.
  • Unique lens and printed, gold-coloured design featuring Truls’s characteristic victory stance on the blade.
  • Delivered in exclusive packaging, along with a fan card picturing Truls.







Truls on the Truls Edition Cybershape Carbon CWT

For me, it’s important to be able to adjust the blade weight to different playing environments. This lets me influence the mass of the blade, and combined with the blade size and power in my shots, this creates kinetic energy.

The heavier the bat, the more power and energy that’s generated at a certain speed. The 9-gram weight (named after my slap shot) is perfect, for example, because more weight means increased speed. The heavier weight also works well when I’m playing in a large arena, which is often experienced as a “slow” environment. The lowest weight, 3 grams, is great for smaller training venues or other environments that are perceived as “faster”. With STIGA CWT, it’s easy for me to adjust the blade to perfection, according to my unique playing preferences.

Born in 2002 in the Swedish village of Hovmantorp, Truls Möregårdh has risen in record time to become Sweden’s brightest star in table tennis. At 17, Truls made his way to Japan’s top league, and during the 2021 world championships in Houston, he used his Cybershape blade to win the silver medal in the finals against Fan Zhendong.

Customize the balance according to your personal preferences

Depending on where the center of gravity of the blade is located, one speaks of a high-center of gravity, low-center of gravity, or a neutral balanced blade. If the center of gravity is towards the top of the blade, it is called high-center of gravity – if, on the other hand, it’s at the bottom, it’s low-center of gravity. What different players prefer is highly individual and depends on their playing style, previous experience, and the weight of the rubber. The weight of different rubbers also varies, so being able to adjust the weight of the blade gives you the opportunity to adjust and find just the perfect balance for you.

  • A lower overall weight is suitable for players who stay close to the table and prefer a fast-paced game.

  • Increased weight generates greater kinetic energy, resulting in more powerful strokes.

The revolutionary STIGA CWT - Custom Weight Technology is patent-pending.  


Optimized hitting area and larger sweet spot 

Our research has shown that for the majority of players their optimal hitting area is on the top half of the blade. So we’ve optimized the hitting area so that it is larger in comparison to the traditional shape of the blade’s upper half and slightly smaller on the lower half to maintain the blade’s balance.  

In collaboration with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), we have also tested the vibration properties of Cybershape, i.e. how the blade moves. The tests have shown that Cybershape has a larger sweet spot placed higher up on the blade than a standard shape which gives more power in your strokes without losing control of the ball. 


Optimized hitting area closer to the table surface  

Since the ball usually strikes the top half of the racket (both backhand and forehand), that's exactly where Cybershape really stands out. One of the distinctive features of the Cybershape design is that in your return and short game you get closer to the surface of the table by all of 6.5 cm of the hitting area, compared to 2.5 cm for a round blade. This gives you more of a chance of getting to short serves and returns.  

With Cybershape's unique shape, it is also easier to get the ball placement on the hitting area you desire while serving. Thanks to Cybershape’s angles, you automatically have six corners as a basis to aim for, depending on how much and what type of spin you want.  


Unique carbon fibre composite & CCF technology

Cybershape is a 5+2-ply blade based on CCF (Close Core Fibre) technology, which means that the carbon layer sits directly on top of the wood core. The result is more control and speed in your game.

By means of the lightweight and technologically advanced, German-made carbon fibre composite, we were able to offset its weight, so although Cyberspace has a larger surface area than a regular blade, it is not heavier.

Top quality wood gives you a stable handle 

Cybershape Carbon CWT is available in three different handles: Master/Concave, Classic/Straight and Pen/Penhold.  

The handles for Cybershape Carbon CWT Truls Edition are made of top-quality wood and have a surface roughness that ensures an optimal gripping surface without the handle feeling slippery.  

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