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  1. 39cbd03f-674f-469c-aed8-8c82797c431f.jpg
    Liner II Table Tennis Shoe White Red
    41.50€ 83€
    An updated version of our popular Liner model.
  2. ebd15f9e-c803-41c2-b6f2-d7d551b0907b.jpg
    Genesis M Table tennis rubber
    24€ 48€
    Genesis M is a made in China rubber with characteristic European spin elastic feel.
  3. 8a2be3e7-5035-42cb-9bdd-a9486c3f3204.jpg
    Activity Seamless Shirt Silver
    20€ 40€
    Quick-drying, seamless T-shirt.
  4. 7278f40a-6a37-4f69-9404-fcf8e230d720.jpg
    Marine Shorts Black
    Lightweight and comfy shorts for training and leisure time.
  5. d01d5b2e-55f8-4d6c-aa16-66531b9a5005.jpg
    Activity Seamless Shirt Red
    20€ 40€
    Quick-drying, seamless T-shirt.
  6. 5d41571e-d1d7-4d13-a672-0c5d435537ae.jpg
    Royal Table tennis rubber
    18€ 36€
    If you want to finish the point quickly, Royal delivers explosive power and sting.
  7. 1211-8518-01.jpg
    Expand 1-star Table Tennis Bat
    Special Price 9.95€ Regular Price 19.90€
    A table tennis bat that provides the beginner with a lot of control.
  8. 4581a888-a9ed-4bb8-be29-cedfdf9f9f44.jpg
    Prime High Socks White Blue
    3€ 6€
    Comfy socks for training and everyday wear.
  9. b16e9d6c-4a8c-4a4d-9805-af7c0041d131.jpg
    Marine Shorts Navy
    Lightweight and comfy shorts for training and leisure time.
  10. 71-1142-02.jpg
    Stanley Cup - Toronto Maple Leafs vs Detroit Red Wings Ice hockey game
    Special Price 66.43€ Regular Price 94.90€
    Play as your favourite team in the NHL in the quest for the Stanley Cup with STIGAs profiled ice hockey game.
  11. 08139ac6-4abb-4984-9002-0db28c8c5d46.jpg
    Activity Seamless Shirt Blue
    20€ 40€
    Quick-drying, seamless T-shirt.
  12. 7111-9090-40.jpg
    Team Paint Your Own Hockey Team
    Special Price 12€ Regular Price 20€
    Paint your own team!
  13. ae6c8ec1-ceb1-4d51-bc97-d33ce3276c17.jpg
    Movon 75 cm Floorball stick
    12€ 20€
    Floorball stick with composite shaft, flex 28. The Wheezer blade is developed for accurate passes and hard shots.
  14. 79-2170-02.jpg
    EXS 2-pack Floorballs White
    Special Price 3€ Regular Price 5€
    Approved match ball. The EXS ball with dimples is more aerodynamic which gives more speed and precision when you are shooting.
  15. f440c2d3-7417-40d4-9d27-1ade07ff4d1d.jpg
    Ambition Hoodshirt Grey
    30€ 60€
    The perfect grey hoodie for all occasions.
  16. 71-1383-12.jpg
    World Champs 2018 - Sweden vs Denmark Football game
    Special Price 62.93€ Regular Price 89.90€
    The worlds most popular sport as a table top game. With the STIGA World champs you control the football players and shoot the ball by using the rods.
  17. 33457cf1-88f4-4db3-a97b-8aea9a22f802.jpg
    Dreamer Tracksuit jacket Navy Yellow
    26.50€ 53€
    Comfy tracksuit jacket in a functional stretch fabric.
  18. 5ab85d59-9d09-498e-a2a3-115e59d87368.jpg
    Arctic Wood Table tennis blade
    70€ 100€
    Arctic Wood is what you get when you combine nature and science.
  19. 1112-2303-06.jpg
    Master 40+ 6-pack Table tennis balls Orange
    Special Price 2.65€ Regular Price 5.30€
    High-quality ball designed for the hobby player.
  20. 8e1ed25e-e7b6-4281-bfee-8fc7df8dc850.jpg
    Energy Wood WRB Table tennis blade
    29.40€ 42€
    The combination of the veneer and the special drying process creates an optimum feel that allround players desire.
  21. 7111-9090-05.jpg
    Russia, hand-painted Hockey team
    Special Price 12€ Regular Price 20€
    Hand-painted players for your STIGA ice hockey game.
  22. cf9dff53-d48a-420e-ae74-9ea112c8e2e7.jpg
    Comfort Slippers Black
    10€ 20€
    Comfy slip-ons – ideal to wear between training sessions and matches.
  23. 77-4720-01.jpg
    Soft Ball Active 90
    Special Price 6€ Regular Price 10€
    Soft tennis ball made in polyurethane which gives extra high bounce. Ideal for mini tennis play.
  24. 1210-6418-01.jpg
    Hobby Impulse Table Tennis Bat
    Special Price 4.95€ Regular Price 9.90€
    A hobby bat for children and beginners, with good control and feeling.

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The STIGA Outlet offers top quality sports products at great prices! The ultimate bargain hunting experience, with up to 50% off our table tennis and leisure products. The table tennis range offers everything from professional blades and rubbers, bats and bat covers to comfy tops, shorts and shoes for games, training and everyday wear. In addition, our clothing sizes go from XXS to XXXXL, which means that every table tennis player will find something to suit them, regardless of their size.

Among the leisure products you'll find a variety of fun vehicles for all seasons, including snow kick scooters, balance bikes and kick bikes. Here, you'll also find practical sports equipment such as badminton sets, footballs, basketballs and floorball sticks, so that the whole family can enjoy an active leisure time! We're offering up to 50% discount on both table tennis and leisure products – keep an eye out here for all our current outlet offers.