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Padel with Scandinavian touch

STIGA Sports has a long and rich experience in the field of racket sports. Since 1944, we have produced table tennis products for players of all levels, from children and enthusiasts to world-class professionals. STIGA Padel stands fully in line with our philosophy of offering rackets of the highest quality in order to bring out the best player in you. The straightforward yet stylish design of our padel rackets proudly reflects our Scandinavian heritage.

Here, you'll find handmade padel rackets of the highest quality, developed with great precision and attention to detail. Simply the best. The rackets are equally suitable for newcomers and the most experienced players. Regardless of your playing level or style, you'll find a racket to suit you at STIGA Sports.

View all our padel products here. You can also read more about how to play padel, what to consider when buying a racket, and the characteristics, materials and technologies behind STIGA's padel rackets.