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  1. 1904-0113-01.jpg
    Scorer Small Scoreboard
    Small scoreboard.
  2. 1905-0113-01.jpg
    Scorer Big Scoreboard
    Big scoreboard.
  3. 1915-0114-01.jpg
    Overgrip Black
    Overgrip for moist conditions or heavy perspirations. Comfortable fabric.
  4. 1903-0317-01.jpg
    Hexagon Large Towel Black, Grey
    Large towel.
  5. 1916-0216-01.jpg
    Table Cover Unfolded Black
    Cover for unfolded tables.
  6. 1922-1015-07.jpg
    Water bottle Purple
  7. 1920-0414-01.jpg
    Ballcatcher Black
    Perfect for training.
  8. 1927-2416-10.jpg
    Umpire Ruler
    Metal ruler.
  9. 1927-2416-20.jpg
    Umpire Coin
  10. 1901-0113-01.jpg
    Towel Box Black
    Store your towel during the game.
  11. 1906-0118-01.jpg
    Umpire Table With Handle Black
    Easy to assemble with magnet lock. With a handle for easy carrying.
  12. 1924-0915-01.jpg
    Time-out watch
    Make sure the timeout is 60 seconds.
  13. 1919-0314-02.jpg
    Ball Pocket Soft
    Nylon ball pocket holder.
  14. 873501.jpg
    Ball Pocket Hard Black
    Hard shell ball pocket holder.
  15. 1911-0616-01.jpg
    Plastic bag Genesis
  16. 1911-0416-01.jpg
    Plastic bag STIGA
  17. 1910-0113-50.jpg
    Attach Power Glue 500 ml
    Attach Power Glue is the optimum glue for attaching rubbers in the safest and best way.
  18. 1916-0114-01.jpg
    Table Cover Folded Black
    Cover for folded tables.
  19. 1912-0313-01.jpg
    For the player to check the thickness of the rubber.
  20. 1910-0317-50.jpg
    Glue Applicators 50-pack
    Helps to applicate the glue to the blade in a easy way.
  21. 951710.jpg
    Ball tube/Rubber roller Silver
  22. 1907-0517-10.jpg
    Rubber Clean 100 ml
    Sponge cleaner for Table Tennis bats and rubbers.. VOC-free cleaner with sponge. Ideal to use for cleaning your rubbers.
  23. 1915-0214-00.jpg
    Overgrip White
    Overgrip for moist conditions or heavy perspirations. Comfortable fabric.
  24. 1902-0316-01.jpg
    Surround with logo Black
    Surround with logo on one side.

Items 1-24 of 36

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Table tennis accessories for bat care, training and competitions

Table tennis supplies such as grip tape, glue, liquids and edge tape are part of everyday life for the table tennis player. If you've just started playing table tennis, you may not have considered gluing your own bat, but after some time, you'll most probably come in contact with accessories such as glue applicators, sponges and other supplies that are required to glue a bat and protect it in the best possible way.

We offer the widest variety of table tennis accessories possible, in order for you to get the maximum out of the sport. In addition to the most common accessories for bat care such as cleaning agents and sponges, you'll also be able to find court gear such as table covers, barriers, referee tables and scoreboards. Check out our full range of table tennis accessories.