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  1. 1215-2820-01.jpg
    STIGA Pro Carbon + Table tennis bat
    Offensive 5+2-ply blade with carbon fibre for greater speed and feeling.
  2. 1215-2818-01.jpg
    Royal Carbon 5-Star Table tennis bat
    Carbon blade and the fastest and most powerful racket in the Royal-Series.
  3. 1215-3118-35.jpg
    Prestige Carbon 5-star Table Tennis Bat
    Our fastest and most powerful 5-star bat – with a carbon fibre blade.
  4. 1215-3118-01.jpg
    Prestige 5-star Table Tennis Bat
    5-star table tennis bat for high speed.
  5. 1214-3218-35.jpg
    Vision Carbon 4-star Table Tennis Bat
    4-star bat for high speed and a lot of control – with a carbon fibre blade.
  6. 1214-3218-01.jpg
    Vision 4-star Table Tennis Bat
    Fast 4-star bat with a lot of control.
  7. 1214-2818-01.jpg
    Royal Crystal 4-Star Table tennis bat
    Perfect for players who wants a racket with high speed and excellent control.

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Table tennis bats for advanced players

Bats for those who have been playing regularly in a club for several years and are familiar with the materials that go into making top quality bats. You may already be playing at competition level or thinking about doing so.

In this category, you will find 4 and 5-star table tennis bats of the highest quality, which offer excellent speed and spin

so that you can take your game to a whole new level.

You will also find bats with a carbon fibre blade for increased power in your strokes. Among them is STIGA Pro Carbon+, which is a highly offensive 5+2-ply blade comprising 5 layers of wood and 2 layers of carbon fibre.