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  1. 1210-6418-01.jpg
    Hobby Impulse Table Tennis Bat
    A hobby bat for children and beginners, with good control and feeling.
  2. 1210-6318-01.jpg
    Hobby Instinct Table Tennis Bat
    The ideal hobby bat for children and beginners.
  3. 1210-3116-01.jpg
    Heal Hobby Table Tennis Bat
    For players who want greater touch and control in their active allround game.
  4. 1211-8318-01.jpg
    Evolve 1-star Table Tennis Bat
    1-star all-round bat for children and beginners.
  5. 1211-8518-01.jpg
    Expand 1-star Table Tennis Bat
    A table tennis bat that provides the beginner with a lot of control.
  6. 1211-3316-01.jpg
    Oceania 1-star Table Tennis Bat
    Special Price 6€ Regular Price 15€
    For absolute control in the attacking game.
  7. 1220-2816-01.jpg
    Sonic Set Table Tennis Bat
    Two bat set of high-quality recreational bats with excellent ball control.
  8. 1220-0915-01.jpg
    Pure Midi Set Table tennis set Blue, Lime Green
    Fun and colorful midi set including two bats and two balls.

8 Items

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Table tennis bats for beginners

Have you just discovered the wonderful world of table tennis? As a beginner, it can be difficult to find the right table tennis bat for you. There are so many to choose from! Our best advice is to opt for a table tennis bat with excellent control and moderate speed and spin.

If your table tennis bat is too fast or has too much spin, you will find it very difficult to play as a beginner. With a slower bat, you can familiarise yourself with the basics of the sport and focus on getting to grips with the techniques.

A good beginner's bat should also have a comfortable handle, which helps the player to hold the bat in the most relaxed way possible.

To make it easier for you to choose the right bat, we have collected all our table tennis bats for beginners, children and recreational players here. The majority of the bats in this category are 1-star.