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  1. 1223-1216-01.jpg
    Boom 3-star Table Tennis Set Orange
    Includes a 3-star bat, Wristband, Gymsack and Batcover.
  2. 1210-9718-01.jpg
    Action Table Tennis Set
    Ideal table tennis set for recreational games at home or work.
  3. 1220-2816-01.jpg
    Sonic Set Table Tennis Bat
    Two bat set of high-quality recreational bats with excellent ball control.
  4. 1240-1317-01.jpg
    Salty 1-star Set Table Tennis Bat
    Special Price €20.00 Regular Price €40.00
    Perfect set with everything a player needs
  5. 1220-0815-01.jpg
    Technique Set Table Tennis Set
    The perfect choice for learning the right technique.
  6. 1211-9918-01.jpg
    Activity Table Tennis Set
    Handy 1-star table tennis set comprising bats, balls and cover.
  7. 76-1933-01.jpg
    Pop Smasher 1-star Table tennis set
    The Pop Smasher provides the perfect set for playing table tennis as a hobby and is guaranteeing a fun game together with friends.

7 Items

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Table tennis set & technique set – perfect gifts for the table tennis player

A table tennis set is the perfect gift for the table tennis player who has become interested in the sport and seeks to take their game to a new level. Buy a 3-star set in an attractive gift box that includes a table tennis bat, bat wallet, gym bag and sweatband. A complete table tennis set for fast-paced training and exciting matches.

Here you’ll also find technique sets of bats and balls that are ideal for beginners who want to get playing without having to focus on technique. See all our table tennis sets and technique sets here.