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  1. beca7a4d-1261-4193-983a-9da69f6136ca.jpg
    Banda by STIGA Allround Table Tennis Blade
    BANDA is back! A lightweight 5-ply blade for the all-round player.
  2. bd00da9a-e4fc-4e6e-b0d2-67d12e3bab1a.jpg
    Defensive Pro Table tennis blade
    Developed for the counter-attacking defensive player with high quality chops and powerful offensive strokes.
  3. 1d186dbe-3906-4dce-a91b-fc2924bdaa7b.jpg
    Energy Wood WRB V2 Table tennis blade
    A new version of our popular blade, now with a thicker core veneer for more power and speed.
  4. 236f013e-3ab3-40f8-a0e3-fb8134f1f841.jpg
    Inspira CCF Table tennis blade
    Take control of your returns!
  5. ed63fe0a-348e-43f6-bffb-2b3dafe11ee0.jpg
    Clipper CC Table tennis blade
    Offensive 7-ply with Crystal Technology Surface.
  6. 8e1ed25e-e7b6-4281-bfee-8fc7df8dc850.jpg
    Energy Wood WRB Table tennis blade
    The combination of the veneer and the special drying process creates an optimum feel that allround players desire.
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