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  1. b3eb8d4e-3eb2-4ef3-b723-7bfd605652d6.jpg
    Prime Semi High Socks White Pink
    Comfy ankle socks for training and everyday wear.
  2. 39cbd03f-674f-469c-aed8-8c82797c431f.jpg
    Liner II Table Tennis Shoe White Red
    An updated version of our popular Liner model.
  3. 8181e0f6-a1ef-4942-a591-bf2aeeb0e37a.jpg
    Team T-shirt Black Red
    Airy T-shirt with button neck.
  4. cf9dff53-d48a-420e-ae74-9ea112c8e2e7.jpg
    Comfort Slippers Black
    10€ 20€
    Comfy slip-ons – ideal to wear between training sessions and matches.
  5. 1950-0350-75.jpg
    Prime High Socks White Red Jr 34-39
    Special Price 3€ Regular Price 6€
    Comfy socks for training and everyday wear.
  6. ca2dc5a7-6b0c-45d7-84ec-1c34b4ee7b66.jpg
    Club T-shirt Navy Red
    Comfy T-shirt for all types of activities.
  7. 4581a888-a9ed-4bb8-be29-cedfdf9f9f44.jpg
    Prime High Socks White Blue
    3€ 6€
    Comfy socks for training and everyday wear.
  8. 6fa06967-b842-48f1-9fb0-d304c0f85098.jpg
    Team T-shirt Red Black
    Airy T-shirt with button neck.
  9. c40ab8ad-5e69-4a84-bdc3-2934549ffbf9.jpg
    Inspiration Tracksuit pants Navy Sky
    Soft, comfy tracksuit pants with a slim fit.
  10. 7278f40a-6a37-4f69-9404-fcf8e230d720.jpg
    Marine Shorts Black
    Lightweight and comfy shorts for training and leisure time.
  11. ac314fff-72c3-49b5-95b0-3f158e283167.jpg
    Team T-shirt Navy Blue
    Airy T-shirt with button neck.
  12. f440c2d3-7417-40d4-9d27-1ade07ff4d1d.jpg
    Ambition Hoodshirt Grey
    The perfect grey hoodie for all occasions.
  13. f758e713-33c7-4743-8c46-7561fa65b152.jpg
    Team T-shirt Blue Navy
    Airy T-shirt with button neck.
  14. 4d3b67a5-d032-48e3-aa98-80f45a8dac32.jpg
    Dreamer Tracksuit pants Navy Yellow
    Comfy, slim fit tracksuit pants.
  15. 8a2be3e7-5035-42cb-9bdd-a9486c3f3204.jpg
    Activity Seamless Shirt Silver
    Quick-drying, seamless T-shirt.
  16. 45f14b3e-c6a4-4915-bd9b-ba9d2555586b.jpg
    Marine Skirt Navy
    Comfy, stretchy skirt that provides excellent freedom of movement.
  17. 33457cf1-88f4-4db3-a97b-8aea9a22f802.jpg
    Dreamer Tracksuit jacket Navy Yellow
    Comfy tracksuit jacket in a functional stretch fabric.
  18. 08139ac6-4abb-4984-9002-0db28c8c5d46.jpg
    Activity Seamless Shirt Blue
    Quick-drying, seamless T-shirt.
  19. 2166cad6-8ccb-48b7-b7f5-86f2120ef027.jpg
    Club T-shirt Red Navy
    Comfy T-shirt for all types of activities.
  20. 8e989234-11ea-4802-ada5-8e015251da9b.jpg
    Member Tracksuit Jacket Navy Blue
    A classic tracksuit jacket – ideal for a variety of occasions.
  21. d01d5b2e-55f8-4d6c-aa16-66531b9a5005.jpg
    Activity Seamless Shirt Red
    Quick-drying, seamless T-shirt.
  22. 1917-0114-01.jpg
    Wristband Black
    Classic wrist sweatband.
  23. e8212890-f0ab-4e1a-92f0-2c7e4b5e9db7.jpg
    Member Tracksuit Pants Black
    Tracksuit pants in comfy, functional fabric.
  24. 832dc320-3b91-48ea-b565-198aebbc51d8.jpg
    Inspiration Tracksuit Jacket Navy Sky
    Retro-inspired, slim fit tracksuit jacket.

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Table tennis clothing and shoes for training, competitions and everyday wear

Although clothing may not make a player who they are, a good fit, comfy fabrics and stylish colours can go a long way in helping you to play in style. Here you'll find lightweight shirts, tank tops, shorts and skirts in functional fabrics that offers maximum freedom of movement and wick away moisture, so you can concentrate on the game and performing your best.

We also have warmer tracksuit tops, bottoms and jackets that are ideal to wear to and from training sessions, and between matches.

In our shoe range, you'll find, among others, the popular Liner II, a table tennis shoe that provides excellent cushioning and traction, but is also lightweight and flexible in order to keep up with your footwork. This shoe model has been used extensively by STIGA players Truls Möregårdh and Ioannis Sgouropoulos.

Find the right table tennis clothing and shoes to match your style and keep you cool, stylish and comfy at all times. See our full range of table tennis clothing and shoes here.